Wow, We Can’t Believe Tracee Ellis Ross Invented Day-Glo

According to the internet, “day-glo” – or the blindingly neon, fluorescent color family that encompasses such shades as electric yellow and extra-hot pink – was invented by brothers Robert and Joseph Switzer of Berkeley, Calif. in the 1930s.

The pair went on to establish the “Fluor-S-Art Co.” to develop and sell blacklight paints, and the rest, apparently, is history.

According to our eyes, however, the Switzers are irrelevant because on Monday, “Black-ish” matriarch and Fashionista favorite Tracee Ellis Ross made an appearance on “The Late Late Show” while wearing a dress that redefined – reinvented! – day-glo. Sorry, Switzers, but science is science.

The dress in question is courtesy of Christopher Kanes Pre-Fall 2018 collection: Its lacy with billowing wide sleeves and a gauzy top and skirt in colors like a hyper-bright orange that can best be compared to a wacky sunset in surrealist painting and a neon green that looks like a fast-rejected Gatorade flavor. Her shoes are that same shade of orange, because Ross – together with her longtime stylist Karla Welch – are nothing if not detail-oriented.

Tracee Ellis Ross in Christopher Kane for an appearance on “The Late Late Show” in Los Angeles on Monday.

On the show, Ross discussed her penchant for stealing (“borrowing“) things from her iconic mother Diana Ross, like a rug that ended up coming with her to college. Meanwhile, and this is not the point, but those wacky-surrealist-orange sleeves looked great fluttering around as Ross narrated the story.

You can watch the clip below.


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