Work in the office threatens the occurrence of varicose veins and weight gain

Modernity as much as possible has simplified the person’s life: the products are carried to the house, the television is switched on in one movement, more people are getting to the service by car. And at work, as the main haven of our existence, a soft comfortable armchair is already waiting.

Continuous comfort. True, not always we pay for it an adequate price: sooner or later, health problems associated with the body’s longing for movement, arise in almost everyone. What unpleasant surprises you can expect if your work is related to the concept of “office”, and how to prevent them, learned the correspondent of SE.

As a result of research conducted in Europe, it turned out that, other things being equal, a person who actively moves lives 10 years longer than his twin brother who was not friendly with the sport.

Hypodinamy – this diagnosis, which should be attributed to people who are inactive due to illness, today put quite successfully, young and healthy: every second European suffers from hypodynamia. If we take into account the European values ​​that have taken hold of our minds, it is unlikely that Russian statistics are more comforting.

Substantial exchange

In itself, the lack of movement – a person is not an enemy. This is quite a logical consequence of increased stress on the body: constant stress, including psychological, prompts us to relax at the first opportunity. The human body is accustomed to huge physical loads, and any opportunity to breathe perceives as a signal to the regime of emergency energy storage. The easiest way to store energy is in the form of fat stores.

The vicious circle for many is already closing here: the first consequence of a sedentary lifestyle is problems with weight and appearance. True, from the point of view of an endocrinologist, the danger of overweight does not threaten everyone:

“The problem arises only in those who do not take into account the difference between energy consumption and energy consumption,” says endocrinologist of the clinic “Catharsis” Andrei Shishigin. – If the energy is stored more than what is spent, the person will begin to recover. ” 

In other words, people easily change their way of life, but it is not easy – a diet and then pay for it with their reflection in the mirror. If you are intuitively adjusted to the new mode of work and have reduced appetites (literally), you do not need to be afraid of excess weight.

Peace Support

Another common misconception is that the load in the sitting position is the most harmful, and even the titanic work of school teachers who work standing up can not be compared with it. “Equally harmful is any static load, it does not matter whether a person is lying, standing or sitting,” says orthopedic physician Denis Evmenov. – This is a common misconception. Just like, for example, the idea that people engaged in manual labor are more developed physically. Do they spend the whole day sitting in one position or working physically: in any case they are overloaded with one muscle and absolutely not involved in others. ”

As explained by the head of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine of the Road Clinical Hospital Elena Demarciuc, the constant static tension of the muscles of the neck and waist (two main targets) is dangerously chronic for blood supply to organs and tissues. And if you do not pay attention to these “little things”, you can get chronic diseases of internal organs, and they will not be able to cure by charging them. To prevent this from happening, you must avoid hyper-tension of the muscles: perform the elements of the Soviet production gymnastics every two hours – turn your neck and execute the slopes much easier than groaning after ten years, climbing the stairs.

It is also useful to know what is the correct organization of the workplace in practice: the monitor should not be below eye level (the neck is overstrained), the stool is high (for the same reason, it is useful to use the footrest) and the table is narrow, paper, and the right hand hangs and stretches to the mouse.

Vessels of Evil

That’s what office “sideltsy” really risk more than others – the health of their feet. And if the pain in the back or extra pounds on the hips we can see, the stagnation of blood in the veins will be invisible. Especially this applies to those who comply with the business dress code and wear heels. “If a person sits for a long time, the muscular pump in the lower leg, which for the venous blood is the” second heart “, is cut off, so the blood rises only due to the high pressure inside the veins, their walls lose their elasticity and develops varicose veins,” says the vascular surgeon of the City Diagnostic center Konstantin Kovalevsky. Already then the woman notices on the feet of an asterisk, and during long outings into the light – feels strong pains in the legs. In order to not know as long as possible what varicosity is, the doctor recommends the following. The first is to walk more.

The second – with the initial symptoms of varicose disease, sports training on steppes, jumps and various force weights better to prefer the pool: the water is excellent in helping the vessels, and the back. 

Load with the mind

Any of the three diagnoses that most often occurs in a “sitting person” can be prevented by a properly selected load. In this regard, we can identify several tips for specialists:

• Relaxation relaxation is different . Learn to hear the true needs of the body. If you want to lie down and not get up – it does not always mean that you are fatally tired. Perhaps it is worth remembering that the best vacation is a change of activity, and learn to rest differently than sitting at a table and looking at the TV.

• Better more than less. As Denis Evmenov tells, a person who has a trained body can sit at the table full time without harm to health. But in order to achieve this state of fitness, you need to engage at least three times a week. If you can not afford to spend every second evening in the gym, replace one exercise with an active one-hour walk on a day off.

• Do not substitute concepts.Many believe that active running around the shops or cleaning dust under the cupboards will replace them with training. This is a common mistake: no matter how we would like to think that spending all day cleaning, we can skip yoga, it’s not true. “When you do homework, you, of course, spend calories, but do not develop muscles, do not improve your health,” comments Elena Demarciuc.

• Pain is not the norm of training. Advice for opponents indulgence: training every day (which, by the way, is harmless and will not lead to fatigue – because the human body is designed for complex long-term physical exertion), it is not necessary to bring yourself to a state where you are at the limit of your strength. Any pain is an alarm, and it’s not worth it to miss it.

Dancing the neck is not a help. Choosing the type of physical activity, be guided not only by the character and aspiration of the soul, but also by the aspiration of the body. So, if you have a problem place – the neck, flamenco exercises will raise tone and mood, but they will not take away the headaches. Everyone has such a weak spot, so in addition to the general training, you must also perform exercises on the problem area too. Move!

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