July 18, 2024

Wonky homeware, here are the pieces you need in your house

Wonky homeware is having a real moment on Instagram right now, we’re seeing wonky lamps, mirrors, tableware, lighting and furniture in the background of all our favourite influencer’s snaps.

Popular homeware brands are so on board with this trend this year. Zara Home has an entire ‘irregular’ collection for Autumn/Winter 2020, H&M Home has a huge collection of free-form tableware that will be the talking point of dinner party (if you’re not in tier three) and MADE have a few stand-out uneven pieces that instantly make a statement.

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to introduce this trend into your home is to buy a wonky vase; every home must have a wonky vase. Fill it with your favourite bouquet, pop in a few sticks of eucalyptus or go scurrying in your local woodland for some dried flowers or textured twigs – a great aesthetic for Autumn.

Believe it or not, most of the jaw-dropping interiors we see on our Instagram feeds aren’t filled from wall to wall with perfect shapes, because that would be boring, right? What really brings a home to life and gives it character is its variety of textures, colours and shapes.

Our love of the standard straight line or perfect circle within our homes is evolving and we’re now embracing more and more imperfections in our homeware. Many of the homes we’re double-tapping away at have a rustic vibe, with open weave linen, natural wood furniture and lots and lots of wonky home accessories.

With just a few wonky pieces, you can create a stunning tablescape for Autumn. Use a wonky vase with a collection of twigs as your centrepiece. For each place setting invest in a little and large wonky plate and place the smaller one on top. Find some open-weave linen napkins, simply tie them in a knot and place on top of the plates for each setting. For the final touch decorate the table with some cute and fragranced candles.

For Halloween, you can get mini white pumpkins from most vegetable stores, lay a few of them randomly on the table, très chic.

If you’re looking to breathe some life into your home, we’ve picked out the best wonky homeware accessories for you…

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