February 21, 2024

Women with destructive mood are subject to alcoholism, but they can be cured

“A drinking mother is a grief for the family. ”And not only mother. A woman who abuses alcohol is a sad phenomenon, especially since drunkenness destroys her destiny – to bring the beautiful into the world.

If a man’s abuse in society is condescending, then a drinking woman, especially one who has children, causes people indignation. In addition, it is believed that if it rolled down an incline, then there is no way back.

But female alcoholism is curable – sure is the doctor-narcologist of the clinic “Insight” Skvortsov Vadim Viktorovich.

Female alcoholism is less common than male? If so, why?

In general, it is wrong to divide alcoholism into male and female. Physiologically and psychologically, this is one disease that does not differ by sex. It would be more correct to talk about alcoholism among women. Since ancient times, women have had less autonomy than men, they have been completely involved in the affairs of the family, so their use of alcohol was not welcomed. Moreover, it was under a moral ban during the carrying and raising of children. Our society is still patriarchal, and accordingly, women who suffer from alcoholism are fewer than men.

Who is easier to recognize that he has a disease?

A person prone to reflection. And this often means that a person has a sufficiently high intellectual development to understand that his life depends on himself, and not on external circumstances.

Hence, this problem is of a social nature?

A person socially significant is a person who is able to build long-lasting relationships with a person of the opposite sex, who has a demanded profession and receives an adequate payment for her, who has hobbies and is able to occupy her time with meaningful and interesting personal matters. For him, alcohol does not matter much.

A person who is socially less organized has a low-paid job, often not much interest, and very often does not know what to do. Here comes to the aid of such an inexpensive and affordable means of entertainment, as alcohol.

Its use becomes an important part of life, simply for lack of other occupations. Therefore, successful people do not so often suffer from alcoholism, as socially unsuccessful, but, of course, it is not spared, because, in addition to social reasons, there are many others.
Is it true that women drink more quickly?

People who have a destructive attitude are sleeping. Very often unconscious. Usually it is caused by severe stress and the following apathy. The body responds to the unwillingness to live with illness, and if not, the person himself deliberately begins to destroy it with alcohol or drugs. It can happen to both a man and a woman.

What kind of drinks and how many can be used to prevent drinking alcohol?

In general, real intoxication – euphoric and relaxing – causes drinks obtained as a result of natural fermentation of grapes. Strong drinks on alcohol poison the body, it’s not intoxication, but intoxication. Red wine has a therapeutic effect in the prevention of sclerosis, but has some toxicity. White is less toxic, but does not have a therapeutic effect.

Now it is popular to drink rose wine, which has beneficial properties of both white and red. The wine should be dry – sweet, semisweet, fortified wine has a toxic effect. The amount of the drink depends on the body weight, on average the norm is from 150 to 250 ml per day of red dry wine.

You can check and the presence of a hangover: if it is, then the dose should be reduced. Well, the most important factor in determining the excess dose – the amount drunk, in which a person loses control over himself, begins to behave asocially.

If you take a glass because of stress, how does it feel?

Wine is a natural antidepressant, it causes a state of euphoria, relieves physiological signs of stress. Denmark, for example, is one of the smallest countries, but it takes a lot of antidepressants. So you can not say that it is harmful. The main thing here is not to get carried away. Most often people for one glass pour themselves another, and the removal of stress turns into drunkenness

Who usually calls for help – patients or their relatives?

Often native. They can see the picture close, but from the side, while the most drinking person seems to be all right, he just lives his life. As for alcoholism in women, it often happens that husbands are asking to cure their wives.

How is treatment carried out?

Comprehensively. You can introduce a drug that is not compatible with alcohol for a certain period of time, but if the problem is not solved at the psychotherapeutic level, the person will wait for the termination of the pharmaceutical effect and will start drinking again. And in general, both female, and man’s alcoholism is completely curable.

Is the use of currently advertised drugs effective without using the patient’s knowledge?

First, it is against the law. Secondly, it can cause severe poisoning, because the effect of aversion to alcohol is caused, most likely, by drugs incompatible with alcohol. Although research on a single drug that is actively advertised has shown that the only effect it has on the body is prolongation of long-term memory. In the treatment of alcoholism, it is ineffective. And without the help of a therapist, it’s very difficult to change the situation – after all, a person must himself want to be cured.

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