June 17, 2024

Women restore innocence through plastic surgery, and men do not need it

Male interrogations about the number and quality of previous sexual partners are pushing women into desperate deeds. Now, instead of an obscure moo, you can in fact prove your integrity – the restoration of virginity is no less a fashionable procedure than breast augmentation.

A simple operation gives peace to a jealous groom and relieves the girl of unnecessary trouble. True, for some women this is not an act of desperation, but a way to please a husband: according to plastic surgeons, such a curious gift is presented by modern wives after years of living together.

About whether pride is now appreciated and how much it is appreciated, the correspondent of SHE learned.

I will buy the honor

When two years ago King Mswati III of Swaziland decided to marry again, 60,000 virgins came to “casting” – women with experience are not allowed there. The most important thing for the people of Swazi is that the king produce many healthy children. Apparently, it is in connection with paternity from ancient times to female innocence, a special attitude – the presence of the hymen in a woman protects her husband from unpleasant surprises in the form of someone else’s offspring.

Modern plastic surgery solves these problems – it generally solves any problems: by satisfying people’s craving for excellence, you will cut or piss out excess, and insert the missing, increase or increase so that the mother does not recognize her. The operation to restore virginity is called hymenoplasty (from hymen – film, skin). Hymen, as you remember, is a slender ancient Greek handsome and part-time god of marriage. It is believed that the first such operation was carried out in 1962 by an Italian gynecologist, soon after that the hymenoplasty began to gain popularity.

The operation also has opponents – especially supporters of religious organizations, they are outraged that honor can be bought for money.

The surprise will be

In Novosibirsk, return the innocence can be at different prices: for example, in the medical center “Avicenna” it will be done for 9000 rubles, and in the clinic “Dune” the operation will cost 30 000 rubles. The operation itself is considered uncomplicated – although it is done under anesthesia, it takes only 15-20 minutes. According to the plastic surgeon of the medical center “Avicenna” Oleg Mikhailov, contraindications for surgery are diseases in the acute period or in the stage of decompensation, as well as critical days. Preliminary it is necessary to pass analyzes, gynecological smears, including on the diseases transferred sexual by. The rehabilitation period is from two weeks to two months. After the operation, everything happens “like the first time,” so there is no need to fear disclosure.

“In general, intimate plastic is gaining momentum in Novosibirsk, a wave of some kind has gone – people realized that the quality of sexual life can be improved with the help of this. With each month, more and more people are wishing “, – the plastic surgeon of the clinic” Dune “Valery Piskarev shared. In his opinion, there are two categories of women who seek help: “The first category is national minorities, women from Central Asia or the Caucasus, they have virginity in the first place. The second – those who want to make a surprise.

Modern women lads in this regard – can surprise their husbands on the day of birth, by the date of the wedding. And it’s absolutely serious, without any humor – to make a gift to her husband, “-

says the surgeon, adding that such surprises are treated quite often. Girls from the first category come, because they want to get married – they are usually from 18 to 25 years, ladies from the second category are older – from 25 to 40 years.

Innocence and aggression

“At present, according to statistics, the issue of virginity is practically removed from the discussion,” Lyubov Nesterova, a sexologist, said. “If literally 20-30 years ago this question somehow rose up, at present it does not really concern both women and men in general. ” Then for whom do these women try, re-experiencing not the most pleasant sensations in life? According to sexologist Igor Poperechny, modern men who agree to take on wives exclusively virgins, are paranoid – they are afraid that the woman will compare them with previous partners, they are afraid to be not up to par. “In the good old days, it was a good expression – if you did not need anyone before me, then why do you need me now? In the villages, the rule of the wedding night, bloody sheets were only in the last century, and in ancient times it did not matter

In general, men have a dual attitude to this sensitive issue – on the one hand, everyone would like to be the first, on the other – psychological problems and heightened anxiety are forced to abandon sex with a virgin. The fear of taking responsibility and provoking aggression is won. Sometimes fears are justified – a woman who married her first sexual partner may become irritable and aggressive towards the spouse over time. True, Lyubov Nesterova believes that everything depends on the woman herself:

“It happens that the husband is the first, and the wife changes it for the rest of her life, and sometimes it was a lot of men, but gets married and becomes a wonderful mother and wife. It depends on the type of character of the woman and her attitude towards marriage. ”

Perhaps an overly anxious attitude towards marriage is the reason why women agree to get what they no longer need by surgery. “This is a game,” says Igor Poperechny, “people are trying to deceive themselves: I was a nedevstvennie, now I will make a gift to my husband. If this helps to strengthen the relationship – for God’s sake. But usually, if a woman starts to change something in herself, she then can not stop. “

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