June 20, 2024

Women have ceased to be afraid to postpone childbirth for later and have children after 30 years

The realities of modern society – namely, the desire to build a house and then to have a child in it – finally forced doctors to reconsider their views on the insulting term “old woman”, formerly so called all those who did not start offspring by the age of 28.

What do doctors and psychologists think about pregnant women in just over thirty and whether there are any positive aspects of late delivery, experts found out, gathered at a round table in the editorial office of Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Has the criterion of “old-age” changed, what age is that now?

Tatyana Semyonova, obstetrician-gynecologist of the medical center “Avicenna”:Earlier, the old-timers called 24-year-old women, then the threshold shifted to 28 years. Such women were called just old-timers, then age-old or elderly primiparas. Now it’s just written “primigly in 30 (for example) years”.

At what age do Siberians today give birth to children?

Tatyana Semyonova:60% of our pregnant women are over 30 years old, 5% of this group are over 40 years old. In the IVF program, every fifth pair is over 40 years old. By the way, before age after 30 years already was a contraindication to IVF. Today, age is not an obstacle.

Alla Dudareva, MD, obstetrician-gynecologist of the clinic prof. Pasman:Today there is a tendency for deferred births, an average shift of the first birth to 30 years.

Now give birth at 27-28 years, so a second child closer to 40 will give birth, it’s normal, until health allows.

Natalia Serazetdinova, Gestalt therapist of the Sibneyromed Center:If before in the structure of the society the birth was exactly the first place, then the career or attempts to combine all this, now the pregnancy and childbearing is postponed, the socium tendencies are aimed at achieving success, and the children are not included in the number of primary priorities. We turn to what has long existed in the West: women are engaged in careers, and give birth consciously, but at 30 years old.

Is there an ideal age for the birth of the firstborn?

Jeanette Seliverstova, Obstetrician-Gynecologist of the Sibneyromed Center:Physiologically optimal term – at the age of 22 years, psychologically and emotionally the woman becomes ready for motherhood for 10 years later – this is the reason why the number of late births after 32 years is growing all over the world. A woman at this age more often perceives her pregnancy positively, less often falls into depression, pays more attention to the bearing and upbringing of the child. The psychoemotional state of a woman improves with age, becomes more stable.

Describe the portrait of a woman giving birth after 30.

Alla Dudareva: Thebig problem is there is no permanent partner.

Often a woman decides that she is self-sufficient, and gives birth to herself. At the age of 19 she will not do it, and at 35 – this will be a conscious motherhood. The layer of such women is great.

Natalia Serazetdinova:At 27 years old, in any big city, there are more women than men. Part remains without potential partners. Since the First World War in our country, the deficit of men, and they are more relaxed than in countries where there is parity between men and women.

Women often complain that the husband is not ready to have children, as a result, the couple is drawn to the last. At what age do men “mature” before the baby?

Natalia Serazetdinova:Men mature to fatherhood later, at about 42 years. In addition, if a woman adapts to maternity somehow, the formation of paternity is delayed, in our country no one trains the culture of paternity. It is believed that this woman makes a decision about the birth of a child, in fact it is always a child of a couple, and the husband’s desire is necessary. Otherwise, the unwanted child leads to the collapse of the pair.

Are there any psychological advantages in late motherhood?

Natalia Serazetdinova:A woman at 35 will be a very good mom – responsible, but without a hyperope. Hence the opinion that “late” children are more talented. It’s just that a child is born wanted, he feels it from birth, and he has more prerequisites for developing his potential. Risks appear if there is no father: the child will not have a man’s behavior pattern and then there will be problems in communicating with the opposite sex. Even if there is a stepfather – it’s very good.

And the complexity of what is manifested?

Natalia Serazetdinova:Passport age of psychological age may not correspond, the body is ready, but inside there are certain internal failures, so even if the woman is ready to give birth consciously, and from the first weeks the threats of interruption start, means that behind medical problems subconscious are hidden, the child’s head wants, and the body does not want .

Postpartum depression is a marker of the fact that a woman is not psychologically ready to give birth to a child. At 30-35 she was used to being socially active, and already something of herself represents, and then falls into the position of “appendage” to the child.

What are the characteristics of late pregnancy?

Oksana Korol, therapeutist, general director of the medical center “Diagnost”:By this age, there is usually a bouquet of diseases – hypertension, diabetes, endocrine disruptions. After all, in order to earn a living by the age of 30 on an apartment, car and the maintenance of a future child, it is necessary to work not for 8 hours a day, but for 12 or more, this greatly affects health. And after childbirth for a year and a half you need not sleep. The result – the woman becomes nervous, breaks down on the child …

Nelly Lopushinskaya, department of pregnancy pathology of the regional hospital:The course is complicated by gestosis, fetaplacental insufficiency, this pregnancy is always troublesome. There was a large group of risk for obesity – this complicates the course of pregnancy. Sometimes a woman has to be hospitalized 4-5 times for pregnancy.

But completely healthy today is difficult to find and in 25 years. Is the criterion of chronic diseases so critical?

Alla Dudareva:Previously, doctors were looking for an excuse to interrupt pregnancy due to extragenital pathology, now they are looking for the opportunity for a woman to give birth.

Today, even removed from the testimony to the termination of pregnancy in later terms, the age of 40 years and above. Now you can give birth to those for whom it was simply unthinkable before.

There is an opinion that pregnancy “at an age” a woman rejuvenates, renews the body, is it so?

Nelly Lopushinskaya:Unfortunately, this is a myth. Pregnancy in a woman takes health in any case, and this must always be taken into account.

Is there a difference between the first late child or just the late one?

Jeanette Seliverstova:No. Today we are talking about these cases without separation. If the interval between births is more than 10 years, we equate such a mother with a primipara, the body has time to “forget” the previous pregnancy.

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