Women dress fashionably to attract men and show their financial situation

Clothes cover nakedness. Clothes save from the cold. And it is the strongest social determinant. Clothing can tell about the carrier much more than a passport.

The soul’s aspirations, the intention to work, the desire to marry, the desire to stand out or, on the contrary, “to be like people”, sincerity or falsity – all this can be deciphered in costume.

Why people dress up and to whom they adorn, recognized the correspondent of SE.

Clothes can scare

Why do they meet on clothes? “Because in the first seconds, when you do not yet hear a person, the idea of ​​him is already formed on a subconscious level,” said Tatyana Koroleva, a psychotherapist at the Insight Clinic. “Good hair, clean skin talk about health, good clothes – about what a person’s social role is.”

But not only – also at the first impression it is possible to determine the degree of mental health of a person. “By clothing, people can immediately see how much the person is adequate,” says psychologist Alvina Georgievna Belovertseva. – Does his behavior, speech, goals correspond to the way he is dressed. Disheveled whether his clothes or neat. All this allows either to relax, or, conversely, to strain, waiting for danger and deception. ”

Indeed, not to mention the untidy, obviously repulsive clothing, a veiled “dishonest” outfit, inadequate to behavior, place, occasion, can cause distrust to the person. This happens when a person tries to give himself a different social role, using a suit and, as a rule, failing the role with changing clothes – there are attributes, there is no common image. Hence – pseudo-glamor, kind of catchy, but completely unsexy. Hence – a pseudo-style style: kind of boring and strict, but completely unpresentable. Particularly badly parodied bohemian – here to get into the stream, not understanding the meaning of the artistic idea, it’s impossible, you can not get off with some bright blouses or retro dresses.

Personality will break through

Of course, apart from the adequacy of the individual, clothes speak about social status. But this question is thinner than the definition of the uniform of a top manager or a cleaning manager. Clothing – the first determinant of the presence of taste in humans. And the taste is formed most often from the level of education, general culture. The manner of dressing can indicate the presence of both positive qualities – moderation, respect for others (a person with a good taste first of all does not irritate with his appearance, does not show a naked belly or wrinkled trousers), and negative – snobbery, materialism, boasting. Nobody wants to demonstrate a bad taste intentionally, but the person still breaks, regardless of desire.

Attention, I want to get married!

In nature, males look very bright and beautiful, the females are smaller, colorless and not attractive. In Asia, men dress brightly, and women go in a veil.

In Russia, men most often do not care about their appearance, and women, according to fashion historian Alexander Vasilyev, “because of the lack of male” material “tend to be sexy, attractive, or they may miss something.

That’s why it is fashionable for women in Russia to walk with a bare navel, wear glued nails and high heels, make themselves blond and look vulgar. ” That is, cause a primitive primitive reaction to an accessible female. After all, there are fewer men, and their attention needs to be attracted – that’s the whole philosophy of feminine cleansing of feathers. “In general, the fact that a woman dresses deliberately sexually, there is nothing terrible,” explains Tatyana Koroleva, “if she does not mind that she will always be told ambiguous compliments, maybe slap on the ass and if she is not going to take offense, that no one understands her soul. In principle, for many women it is the sexual attention of men that raises self-esteem, and that’s enough for them. ”

Dust in the eyes

Surprisingly, the statistics of many glossy magazines show that the answer to the question “Who do you dress for?” Is answered by the ladies first of all for themselves, then for the surrounding women and only then for men. “This is wickedness,” says stylist Elena Vayman. ”

Even if a woman does not realize that she is dressed up to attract male attention, she is still looking for him.” And besides, many women at us put on to show the financial position. 

We are all half Asians and like to put on a show of luxury. In addition, in our country for so long there were no opportunities, that people just missed, and, thirdly, – mink fur coats in the minibuses, bright evening dress in the afternoon – all these are usual signs of bad taste, we simply were not taught good taste and they do not teach. ”

Do not create an idol

In addition, in buying similar things affects such an important factor as imitation. “If you see that someone in a certain blouse looks good and has success, you begin to feel that you should wear the same – and the situation will repeat itself with you,” explains Elena Wyman. “However, even if your type is outwardly similar, then the manner of behavior, temperament, personal characteristics are still different, and it turns out that it is not clothing that attracts attention, but the presentation of oneself.”

People are divided into those who are imitated, and those who imitate. The last is the overwhelming majority. If the former are guided not by dictated rules and fashion, but only by their personal notions of beauty and self-expression, then the latter need an exact pattern that can be followed.

Nowadays it is not difficult to get directions and follow at all, just as it is not difficult to be fashionable – simply because all stores bring and quickly change collections that reflect the main trends of the season. The stores dictate them and make them available. Buying a fashionable, that is, like most, clothes, a person demonstrates the existence of certain finances, possession of information and extraversion. But even if the first step is made and the clothes that you choose are trendy, still most often the glance over the equally dressed in Mango girls slips, like over the rink. Because the question of personal style is much more complicated and deeper.

But do not be scared. Most often, clothes testify in our favor and with skillful use can become a sure way to make a good impression and to give pleasure to others. Express yourself!

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