Women do everything to look younger, but do not know their true age

The question of age is set by a man without a secret malicious intent, just to maintain the conversation. A woman often starts wagging and flirting, demanding that her interlocutor guess, and so that she likes it.

And God forbid, he will be mistaken. Determine the age can be not only because of the absence of wrinkles and the presence of flabbiness – this is perfectly handled by aesthetic medicine.

Much more important, for how many years you feel yourself. How to determine your biological age, and what to do if you are mentally feeling older than there is in fact, learned the correspondent of SHE.

Be fashionable

“Every woman has the age she deserves,” said Coco Chanel. In order to look younger, women are ready to serve endlessly. And in the modern world, the need for “eternal youth” is becoming ever more acute. “A woman wants to look younger in order to keep attractiveness for men. Women of reproductive age are more likely. Therefore, they try to hide or become young, – explains psychologist Marina Gavrilova. – The competition is very high.

There are data according to which in Novosibirsk on one healthy man there are 17 women. In the Kemerovo region, even more – for one healthy man there are 25 women. “

The fear to remain alone is skillfully supported not so much by advertising and juicing as by society itself: if a man at 35-40 years old has just begun, then a woman at this age is slowly beginning to prepare for retirement, counting the achievements. No one wants to be left behind and be old. “It’s fashionable to be young,” says psychologist Alain Sagadeev, “and not only 17, but not 38, and somewhere in the middle. Accordingly, a woman has a fear that either she is not good enough, or worse. ” On what will be worse all the same will be, set by employers. If you were looking for a job, you must have encountered fairly rigid age limits in your job advertisements. “Many understand that it’s important to get to the interview, make an impression, and then talk about your age, – notes Marina Gavrilova. “A woman simply does not have a choice – in order to be successful in her personal and professional terms, one has to resort to some tricks.”

Lesson of biology

Meetings with former classmates – live or on the site with the same name – usually suggest thoughts about the transience of time. In this case, one can not even believe that you were once sitting at one desk with that fat woman “in years”, and this bald man with the belly was your first love. Looking at them, it becomes obvious that biological age does not always correspond to what is written in the passport. Biological age – one that corresponds to the state of your body, it depends on a huge number of factors: from heredity to lifestyle.

While scientists are conducting research and are looking for ways to accurately determine the biological age of a person, they are already determined in the Novosibirsk sales center “Herbalife International”. “We have a Japanese device, a person becomes barefooted, takes indicators in his hands, and scans the entire body. There, the composition of the whole body is decomposed – the percentage of bone mass, muscle, fat …

And shows your age, “- said in the center, adding that while this service is free. In addition to the magic apparatus, no methods of research are used, the nutrition trainer Larissa Drobyaz explains this by the availability of standards and qualifications of Herbalife specialists. She also doubted the ability of a person to determine their biological age on their own: “At home it is unlikely – there is a special device right there. You can only determine the weight and understand whether you have an extra or not. And the rest … well, how do you determine? If you just buy yourself such scales home, you’re over 15 … “.

If you trust the Internet more than a magical device, you can pass special tests. For example, a test for reaction speed: take a ruler length of 50 cm, give it in the hand of your girlfriend – let it hold vertically, your hand should be 10 cm lower.

Without warning, a friend should release the ruler, your job is to have time to grab her with your thumb and forefinger. If you caught a ruler at a level of 20 cm – your biological age is 20 years old, – affirm the namest creators of the test, – if 30 – 30, and so on.

To pass another test, neither the toolkit nor the girlfriend is needed – stand on one foot and close your eyes, you can wave your hands, but you can not hold on to anything. And now, notice the time that you are so simple. 30 and more seconds correspond to twenty years, 20 – forty, 15 – fifty and less than 10 seconds – sixty.

The girl is ripe

Psychological age does not always correspond to reality – a woman of 30 years can feel like a child who can not take care of herself, or, conversely, an old woman – with sores and an extinct eye. We all saw or heard about European grandmothers, slender, smart, bicycling, their eyes are burning and their age does not bother. “The psychological state often dictates its conditions to the physical condition of women. If a woman has taken place, if she has found an internal balance, then she feels better and looks younger. If the balance is not found and it does not cope with stress, the mind and body as a whole wear out, “Marina Gavrilova said.

If you feel “psychologically old”, if you have caved in under a bunch of problems, have forgotten how to see good and enjoy life, psychologists advise you to remember yourself at a time when you still knew how to do it, and then look for what this condition can support. “An important component is at least some bodily movement that would help restore the reality in which a woman is young and pretty,” says Ms. Sagadeeva. “It’s not that they offer advertising brochures, but what you like is for you.” It does not matter what it will be – flamenco or a walk on the bike, – the main thing is that you get positive emotions.

“If we rely on negative components, we say:” how bad it all is, “this aggravates the situation and the emotional state becomes more difficult. A positive attitude creates the effect of open doors, “Marina Gavrilova is sure. 

It is unlikely that a serious psychologist will undertake to determine the exact figure of your psychological age. But if you really want, the Internet is full of tests – after 10-15 questions on the theme of your worldview you will be given a verdict and give advice. As practice shows, any source of information that visually informs about aging, whether it be a magic scales or a test from the Internet, works fine: instantly you start looking around for a good one or go to the gym, on foot.

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