February 20, 2024

Woman taxis

There is an opinion that women do not have a gene responsible for driving. It would be even for 100 meters you can determine that driving a girl, even if the back glass is not a sticker “Shoe”.

“They are traveling in the leftmost row at a speed of 47 km / h, they occupy one and a half rows for movement, they are afraid to rebuild, then suddenly stop when the green light is flashing,” a man in a car forum recently poured out bitterness.

But even he at the end admitted that after all, “there are a dozen or two that go well. ”As the author is genuinely convinced, with one of them, the winner of the stage of the contest “Autowards of Russia-2010”, where the ladies compete with each other in the ability to drive, he talked about these popular views.

Interview with the winner of the contest “Autowees of Russia-2010” about ideal cars and sex differences on the road

Reference. Ivanova Ekaterina, 28 years old, is the winner of the first stage of the car competition “Avtodeli Rossii-2010”. At the wheel of the car – from 12 years, the official experience of driving – 8 years. Now operates the Toyota Corona Premio, I would like the Lexus RX330. Traveled the entire Siberian region, the most distant point of autotravel – the city of Krasnoturyinsk in the north of the Sverdlovsk region. In ordinary life, he manages the project organization. Single.

Catherine, where did you learn to drive so well?

And I would not say that I manage it cool. Moreover, I am sure that my victory is only an accident. All the contestants, I think, managed well, and anyone could win, it does not even depend on the car, I think.

By the way, competitors, what kind of cars were they?

Basically steep. “Audi A4”, two “Lexus”, “Ferret”, “Tiguan”, “Integra”, “Subaru Forester”, there were a pair of “Damio”, “Witz”, another “Crown”. Everyone has different drives, machines – for every taste.

And yet, what is your secret, maybe the matter is that you are 12 years behind the wheel?

Maybe it was that my dad was dragging me from an early age, but I do not think so. It seems to me that everything depends on the person – whether given it to him or not.

Here there is such an observation that people with a technical mindset are better at driving a car than for a humanist, so I will probably agree with this, because the road to the first place is monitoring the situation and cold calculation.

When did you first get on the circuit and decided to participate in the auto competition?

On the autodrome got by accident, when in the year before last the friends with them called. And this year I did not intend to participate in Avtoledi, but again my acquaintances were invited, and I agreed. I did not even expect that I could win such a dubious prize as a parachute jump. (Smiling. ) By the way, almost all the participants, they say, came from the street – no one is in the auto clubs, he did not compete before. They learned to drive, as I do, in ordinary life, on city roads.

There is an opinion that a girl at the wheel can at best like you – it’s just good to drive a car, but everything that is on the technical side is already a dense forest. This is about you? Candles, say, can change?

If you give me a candle key, I’ll replace it without any problems. As for the technical part, I did not even have to think about it, since my car did not fail me in this respect. Is that somehow a turn signal took off on the road, I put it back, I did not have to go to SRT. (Smiling. )

You can in the manner of driving determine who is driving ahead of the driving car – a man or a woman?

To be honest, I do not understand this division. I would still understand the division into an experienced and inexperienced driver, but here on the basis of gender, it seems to me, there are no special differences. And among men and women there are those who drive well, and those who are bad.

Many girls, even with more than two years of driving experience, hang a “Exclamation mark” on the rear window, warning that the driver is driving. How do you treat this practice?

Positively. If a person is not yet sure of himself, then it is necessary to inform other participants of the movement about it so that they stay away. I, for example, have an acquaintance who has been driving for a long time, but he has not only the “Exclamation mark”, but also the “Teapot”, and even the “Shoe”. This he did specifically for the wife, who recently received the rights, and they take turns driving in this car. I do not see anything shameful or funny here, since such a warning can really help.

Although there are, of course, motorists, mostly men, on which the designation “Beginner driver” act as a red rag on the bull.

You, by the way, how will react if a driver in front of you hesitated and, for example, being on the main road, does not go, but misses everyone on the secondary?

I’m calm about such things. If I notice that he is confused in the situation, then I will help: for example, on a signal, making it clear that you can go. I’m not going to be angry or ram right.

Do you think a woman who drives a car in everyday life differs from a woman who never drove at the wheel?

I did not notice that driving adds additional confidence. Many girls just think that sitting at the wheel is not for them, and at the same time they know their price very well, and are completely confident in themselves. Someone even argues this way: I do not want to drive myself, because I’m already driven – my husband, taxi, personal driver, someone else. Although, in recent years, the girls at the wheel has become very much, I think, now on the roads the ratio is 50 to 50.

Your hobby for driving and auto competitions, and the fact that you still win in them, helps in communicating with men? How do they react at all, that you drive better than them?

I do not even know. Men react normally, that I participate in such competitions, my colleagues at work support me in this, congratulate. But I would not say that I drive better than the familiar men, so that it directly arouses their excitement. The only thing when I feel insecure is when someone is driving my car.

Is your lifestyle similar to the style of driving?

In normal life, I’m always in a hurry, I do not have time, at the wheel – I never hurry and always have time. On the road, in general, one must be very careful and not hurry.

Which car would you call an ideal female city car?

His – Toyota Corona Premio – I do not think so. Although at the moment my car completely suits me – both in maintenance and in running characteristics. But I would call the Lexus RX330 good for myself, I would take it with pleasure, taking into account the condition of our roads.

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