May 24, 2024

Woah, girl! ‘Red Dead II’ 32-player battle royale mode is now in beta

I’ve been having a blast with Red Dead Redemption II, soaking in the gorgeous locales, relishing the seamless blend of gameplay and innovative storytelling, and watching in astonishment as my trusty steed’s testicles shrink when I gallop into the snowy part of the map.

I’ve been doing so much sightseeing that I’m less than 50 percent through the single player mode after probably 30 hours of gameplay, and there will soon be a fuckton more content to eat up my time.

Developer Rockstar Games just announced that starting today, select players will be able to begin playing the multiplayer beta.

Multiplayer will include a 32-player Battle Royale Mode, where the map gradually shrinks and players fight to the last cowboy or cowgirl standing.

No idea if the final version of battle royale will eventually include players “dropping in” a-la Fortnite Battle Royale, but if they do, that downed flying machine easter egg (above) might be how they make it work with the era.

Other game modes include team-based Territories where you fight for control of oil wells, standard Deathmatches, and competitive horse races.

They’ll roll out the beta in different tiers. If you bought the Ultimate Edition, you can start playing right now. Launch Day owners (October 26) can play Wednesday, November 28; launch weekend owners (October 26-29) can play Thursday, November 29; and everyone else can join in Friday, November 30. Of course, it is the beta version so there might be more bugs than a Tijuana hooker. Feel me, partner?

And if you’re as big of a fan of Red Dead (and Star Wars) as I am, wrangle yourself one of these R2DII Tees from The Chivery. Hoo-wee that’s a purdy garment. And mighty clever if I do say so myself.

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