February 21, 2024

With the help of tattoo you can forget about cosmetics and adjust your facial features

Permanent makeup (micropigmentation, dermopigmentation, tattooing) was born not at all 20, but more than 4 thousand years ago – the art of tattooing, including applied on the face, was known even in Ancient Egypt.

Twenty years ago, in the mid-1980s, a tattoo machine was used for a shallow application of the pigment to the skin of the face. But then this procedure had a lot of drawbacks – shades often changed already on the skin, the paint did not go away in a few years, but remained forever, often there were scars. In the early 90s, new generation devices were developed in Germany, which made the procedure more comfortable and safe, allowing the pigment to be introduced evenly, shallowly and accurately.

Today, permanent make-up is applied in many beauty parlors. Why and how, the correspondent of SE explained.

Why do you need permanent makeup?


The first argument, which leads and cosmetologists, and glossy magazines, and those who have already acquired a tattoo. It sounds like this: to not waste time on daily make-up. “The main goal of permanent make-up is to allow a girl to look good without makeup in any situation: in the sauna, swimming pool, in the countryside,” says Svetlana I. Berdnikova, dermatologist at the Institute of Cosmetology at NMMU.


In addition, using tattooing can correct the data by nature, perhaps, not perfect features: to increase and align the lip line, lengthen eyebrows, to give the cut eye more expressiveness, reduce asymmetry.

Optical correction of pigment spots, scars, scars is also possible with the help of permanent make-up. “The closest to the color of the skin pigment formation is obscured and aligned, after which it can be seen only close”, – says Ekaterina Lebedko.

However, birthmarks can not be painted over. But you can paint a playful fly over the lip. Tattoos can not be drawn either – the pigmentation micropigmentation paint is not injected as deep as for the tattoo, so the “youth’s mistakes” can only be made paler, but not completely removed.


Hypoallergenic paints used for micropigmentation can solve the problem of allergy to decorative cosmetics. “All pigments constantly undergo strict quality control,” says SI Berdnikova. “Any reports of allergic or other adverse reactions are monitored, and the chemical formula is improved. ”

However, it is important to use only high-quality paints and equipment. “Until then, the former tattoo artists, re-qualified, make permanent makeup at home, on tattoo machines.

This is unacceptable: the paint gets deep, the skin can scar, an infection often infects, low-quality cheap pigments change color – the lips can turn blue, the eyebrows pink, “- warns Ekaterina Lebedko, beautician, master of dermopigmentation of the Center for Beauty and Health” Sante Esthetique “.

The cost of one procedure with the use of high-quality materials by professionals who have received good training and having a great practice, can not cost less than 3000 rubles. It is cheaper to conduct the procedure for interns, but the lack of client’s qualification must be warned and the subsequent adjustment is free of charge.

How does the procedure work?

Color matching

The most popular procedures are micropigmentation of the eyelid, eyebrows and lips. The first stage is color matching. “Today, only natural shades are used in the world, and this has become much more popular with us than the effect of brightly colored lips,” says Ekaterina Lebedko. – The main emphasis is not on color saturation, but on shaping, leveling out the natural color, creating the volume. “The shade is selected based on the classic” seasons “scheme – warm or cold, and from what color the client prefers to use in makeup and clothes.


Then the procedure itself is carried out, most often using local anesthesia. “People are more concerned not with pain, but with fear that it will hurt,” explains Ekaterina Lebedko. – Especially when the procedure is performed on the eyelids – the patient is usually sure that I will definitely get into the eye, and therefore very worried.

But as soon as I start working, clients calm down and even fall asleep. “The painfulness of the procedure depends on the patient’s pain threshold. But objectively the most sensitive places are the eyelids and the central zone of the lips.


After micropigmentation, a corrective procedure is often needed, because the body, first encountering alien objects, such as paint, even on a natural basis, can begin to actively get rid of them. The first correction is usually free of charge, repeated – at a discount of 50% of the cost.

For a long time?

The effect of the procedure is from 2 to 3 years. Is it harmful for health? “Permanent make-up is harmless,” says the dermatologist Berdnikova SI. – Unexpected reactions may occur if the skin of the lips, for example, is “restless”, if there are often problems that the patient should notify for consultation. But there is no guarantee of safety when using cheap, substandard pigments. ”

So those who have thought about micropigmentation, it is not worth chasing for cheapness – after all with blue lips you will then have to walk for several years or repaint more than once. But it is worth thinking about well that for 2-3 years you will have to see in the mirror your face with the same form of lips or eyebrows, and not artificially created by nature, given to you by nature. Ready?

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