April 20, 2024

With more content than ever before, here’s how to pick the streaming service for you

It’s no secret that Netflix has taken over our lives in recent years. Whether it’s a night at the pub with friends, or daily office chit-chat, there’s no escaping *that* discussion about everyone’s latest and greatest binge-watch.

Infact, it’s become so commonplace that ‘Netflix’ is a perfectly legitimate answer when asked about your weekend plans.

Never mind Keeping Up With The Kardashians, we’re more concerned about keeping up with Netflix, Disney Plus, Apple TV, Amazon Prime and Facebook Watch.

But with more and more competitors setting up rival streaming services, the surplus amount of content on offer has become seriously overwhelming (anyone else spent a feature-length film’s worth of time scrolling through endless options to eventually give up? )

Which platform has the best content? What’s worth spending your hard-earned cash on? Here, we solve all your viewing dilemmas.


If you’re not familiar with Netflix by now, then we officially resign. The original streaming service has been dominating the online viewing space since 1997 with 1. 5 million subscribers recorded at the end of 2018. From documentaries and crime dramas, to chick-flicks and rom-coms, Netflix has had the pick of the bunch – until now. In an increasingly competitive landscape, the streaming giant runs the risk of losing a bunch of content…and subscribers.

Pros: Netflix is likely to invest heavily in their own content…and who doesn’t love a Netflix Original? No one.

Cons: Significantly less content in general including the end of its distribution deal with Disney *sobs*.

Monthly cost: £8. 99

Disney Plus

Disney’s brand new streaming service, Disney Plus, is set to give Netflix a run for its money with 25 original TV series, 10 original movies and over 500 movies. Set for US release this November (a UK release date is yet to be confirmed), get ready to race through all your favourite Disney classics alongside various new releases including a live-action take on Lady and The Tramp starring Tessa Thompson and Justin Theroux, and Anna Kendrick’s female Santa Claus movie Noelle. To top it off, TV spin offs of Monsters Inc and High School Musical are in the works.

Pros: Every Disney film under one roof for those hungover Sundays when you want to indulge your inner 5 year old. Yes please.

Cons: There is absolutely a time and place for Disney movies but it’s arguably not every day.

Monthly cost: TBC

Apple TV

From Oprah and Reese Witherspoon to Steven Spielberg and Jennifer Aniston, Apple’s exclusive subscription service has some of the biggest names in Hollywood on board. While Apple have played coy about the finer details, CEO Tim Cook has ensured the ambitious project is “unlike anything that’s been done before”.

Pros: Apple’s family sharing feature allows five family members to share the same plan, meaning you can continue stealing off your sister for the foreseeable future. Winning.

Cons: We won’t lie, we’re yet to find the flaws – so far, so good.

Monthly cost: Word on the street is that Apple TV will be entirely free to stream.

Amazon Prime

Flex your advanced binge-worthy skills with Amazon’s epic selection of original series, instant videos and playlists. Your subscription fee also provide free two-day shipping on all Amazon purchases. Boxsets and retail therapy – you have our attention, Amazon.

Pros: Like Netflix, Amazon Prime has a wide selection of original shows to choose from and the cost is included with other Prime benefits.

Cons: Commitment phobes may wince when the £79 annual fee is automatically taken from their account at the end of the 30 day free trial ends. You have to be warned.

Monthly cost: £7. 99

Facebook Watch

Content, community and conversation come together in Facebook’s streaming service, Facebook Watch. Home to a wide range of shows – from reality series such as Huda Boss to scripted comedy dramas starring Zac Efron and Anna Kendrick – there’s no shortage of content to keep you entertained.

Pros: It’s free to stream from the Facebook mobile app, on desktop and TV apps.

Cons: The content is more limited than the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Monthly cost: Nada.

So, what will it be?

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