Witchcraft is taking over the beauty world, here are the supernatural products you need to know about

From Miranda Kerr’s crystal-infused Kora Organics range to Gwyneth Paltrow preaching the benefits of ‘moon dust‘, there’s no denying that the supernatural is weaving its way into the beauty industry.

Emma Lucy Knowles, an intuitive hands-on crystal healer, clairvoyant and meditation teacher who swears by the power of crystals, said: “I believe people are turning back to nature, to energy, to ‘witchcraft’, as it sparks from deep within… and that’s the true key to beauty.

“Energy work, witchcraft, magic – whatever you want to call it – is all about longevity, rejuvenation and renewal. It’s about mixing and blending for the ultimate results, knowing that one size does not fit all and so pulling in the right ingredients – be it things that can be seen or not – to make the perfect unique ‘spell’ for the individual.”

In fact, people are getting so excited by the power of rocks that a quirky jade roller repeatedly sold out online as people rushed to get their hands on the holy grail of beauty utensils.

The most in-demand beauty experts are jumping on the witching bandwagon, too. Paolo Lai at Neville Salon has created his magical Moon Mist Aura Spray, a face mist which he whips up in the magical night light of each full moon in his back garden.

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His Moon Mist is made with the purest crystal water and bathed in full moonlight. Enriched with essential oils, a little bit of alcohol to preserve it and a pinch of Himalayan rock salt, he says the spray is super-charged by the vibrations of a sacred singing bowl to ensure the maximum healing, emotional clarity and purification. Fancy.

The Organic Pharmacy are also tapping into the trend, and have just launched The Lunar Cleanse – a detoxifying treatment for mind and body renewal.

“The Moon has a powerful impact on our mind and body,” they explain. “Humans have been aware of the moon’s effect on the earth and the human body since the beginning of civilisation. It is well-known the moon affects the earth’s bodies of water, its rivers and oceans with gravitational pull. The moon also affects the 50-65% of water that the human body is made up of. As the moon moves through the lunar phases, the body also is said to make subtle shifts. Aligning detoxication and cleansing with the moon phases is an age-old practise.”

The treatment includes a Vitamin and Mineral Health Assessment, measuring your body’s strengths and weaknesses followed by a strong and powerful lower body treatment using green coffee and chilli oil to really kickstart the cleanse, incorporating massage techniques to help reduce bloating and stimulate the flow of lymph and micro circulation.

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