May 25, 2024

Wispy See-Through Bangs are the next big fringe trend to fall in love with

When it comes to see-through bangs, says Luke, you can afford to create any length you like if you have a larger forehead. But for those with a smaller forehead, it’s worth keeping the strands super wispy and slightly grown out. Yuki agrees, adding, “In general, people who have a small or narrow forehead are not considered to suit bangs but light, see-through bangs can create a soft, youthful impression. ”

How do you create see-through bangs?

As with all fringe styling, it’s important to cut on dry hair as opposed to wet or freshly washed hair. Wet hair is heavier than dry hair and can distort the actual length – a crucial fact when it comes to designing a fringe.

“First of all, I part the hair into a triangle section at the front,» explains Yuki. “The top of the triangle lines up with the centre of the face – about one inch from the hair line – and the bottom two points would be the outer corners of the eyes. ”

Yuki then uses a point cut (when the scissors cut into the ends of the hair, rather than across) to create light bangs and add soft texture.

Another bonus: if your hesitation over whether to get bangs or not stems from how much time is needed to style them, you’ll be pleased to know that see-through bangs are a minimalist’s dream.

While curtain bangs need to be cut at the right length, styled with curling wands to force them to flick out in the right direction and sprayed with an array of products to keep them in place, see-through bangs are far more low-maintenance.

Those with straight hair only need to use their fingers to create separation while waving a hair dryer backwards and forwards; curly hair types may wish to use a lightweight curling cream and a diffuser.

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