April 20, 2024

Will there be a Kissing Booth 4?

Besides that, author Beth Reekles, who wrote the books of the same name that the films are based on, has openly called it the “final chapter”.

On her website, she wrote: “When I finished the edits, I sobbed my heart out. ” And speaking of the characters, she added: “This is all ten years in the making, ten years of Elle and Lee and Noah, and now. Now, it’s all come to an end. ” We’re all for living with a glass half full, but surely she wouldn’t deceive us like that, would she?

We hate to break it to any Kissing Booth fans out there, but The Kissing Booth 3 could spell the end of the franchise. The third instalment of the rom-com (a brief DL on what it’s about is below, in case you’re unacquainted), landed on Netflix on 11 August, and there are a few reasons we reckon it could be the last.

Firstly, the film was marketed as the end to a trilogy, and its tagline is literally ‘one last time’. Bit of a giveaway, but the producers could be trying to distract us.

The film cast have spoken out about it being the end, too. Jacob Elordi, who plays Noah Flynn, recently took to Instagram with a series of throwback snaps from his time on set, along with the caption: “Tomorrow, the final @thekissingboothnetflix comes out. I’ve seen and done things that I’d have never thought possible thanks to these films and more importantly thanks to all of you. ” No, you’re crying.

All that said, The Kissing Booth 3 seems to end on somewhat of a cliff-hanger. Featuring Joey King as Elle, Joel Courtney as Lee, and Elordi as Noah, it follows Elle as she tosses up going to college with getting a boyfriend at home, and it winds up with her having been accepted to both Berkeley and Harvard. What we don’t see, is whether she decides to take either, or neither, up on their offer.

A spin-off, then, practically writes itself, but we can’t ignore the fact that the leading stars seem to be pretty busy with other commitments: Elordi is playing a key part in Euphoria, Courtney just landed a lead role in new film Pinball: The Man Who Saved The Game and, King just signed a major Netflix deal in which she’ll produce several films. Looks like we could be out of luck, sadly.

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