July 20, 2024

Will Rihanna’s Fenty beauty line be extending into skincare? !

Rihanna’s beauty line, Fenty, has gone from strength to strength since its global launch on September 8, 2017. In fact, it’s on track to outsell Kylie Cosmetics, which is no small feat.

It turns out the brand was a long time coming, after Rihanna trademarked the name (which is actually her last name: Robyn Rihanna Fenty) in 2014 to use on an array of products, from clothing to beauty and more.

Fenty Beauty was then officially announced a few months before launch after it became public knowledge that the Kendo division of LVMH Moët Hennesy Louis Vuitton secured a deal with Rihanna. It’s rumoured they may have paid as much as $10 million to close the agreement.

The collection already has an amazing portfolio of products including 40 different shades of foundation, 20 different shades of a matte skinstick, plus 10 shades of a shimmer variation. Not to mention the much coveted Killawatt Highlighters.

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And every time there is a new product added to the Fenty family, it’s a global release meaning every Fenty product becomes available right away in the UK, with Harvey Nichols as the exclusive stockist. The most recent permanent additions to the line included the ‘Morrocan Spice’ eyeshadow palette, Flyliner and interestingly, a primer…

As the brand starts to shimmy into skincare territory with it’s Pro Filt’r Primer (£24) that promises a pore-diffusing retouch effect, one could assume the trademark name might soon expand to moisturisers, serums, cleansers and more.

When asked about Rihanna’s skincare routine, Fenty’s Global Makeup Artist, Hector Espinal, told GLAMOUR: “Rihanna takes amazing care of her skin. ”

“I would say she’s a combination skin type, a little oilier on the forehead but she looks after it so well. ”

However, when pressed if RiRi would turn her love for skincare into her own products, Hector shut it down.

“I don’t think she’ll do skincare, it’s too complicated. ”

“There’s so much more that goes into it and I think you’ve got to choose either skincare or makeup and clearly, she chose makeup. ”

Of course, he could just be trying to throw us off the scent, so we’ll be keeping a close eye on Badgal’s Instagram account, as Rihanna often sneakily teases her products by wearing them herself.

She wore her amazing glow-giving Killawatt while at a red carpet premiere for Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets prior to the launch and the first sight we ever had of her Morrocan Spice palette was actually in her video for ‘Wild Thoughts’ where she wore the dreamy blue shade ‘Evil Genie’.

Stay tuned beauty junkies, Fenty Beauty is just beginning…

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