February 23, 2024

Will Colton’s Stay on Bachelor in Paradise Be Cut Short? Say It Isn’t So!

The episode picked up wherethe last left off, right in the middle of the dreaded Colton/Tia/Chris drama. When confronted by the guys abouthis waffling with Tia, Colton admitted that he’s still in love with Becca but “open to exploring other options. ”

He later reveals the same thing to Tia herself, to which she responds by telling him that she would not be giving him her rose that night. Surprisingly, Colton ends up getting a rose from Bibiana, sending David and Wills home.

When Chris Harrison says there’s a storm coming, you’d better brace yourself. Tensions were high during night two of Bachelor in Paradise, as the men and women geared up for the first rose ceremony of the season.

The next day, Colton is obviously on cloud nine. He told Tia how he felt, survived the rose ceremony, and has another chance at getting to know the women there! What could go wrong? Everything, Colton. Everything. The storm Chris mentions at the beginning of the episode arrives in the form of a newly engaged Becca Kufrin. She’s just there to speak with the women, so the men don’t actually see when she arrives.

But once they figure it out, Colton is hit by a wave of emotions that quickly overwhelms him. He admits that he thought he was ready to move on, but seeing Becca pushes him to tears. When he sees Becca and Tia having a conversation, he seems to slowly break down. It’s actually really hard to watch, especially since this is the third time we’re seeing Colton be so vulnerable on-camera.

After that, Colton retreats to his room where he tearfully contemplates whether he made the right decision to come on the show and if he should go back home. Understandably, he wants to try and move on after Becca sent him home on The Bachelorette, but he’s realizing that being in love with Becca isn’t something he can easily move past. It looks like Colton is wavering between staying in Paradise and leaving for good, but a talk with the right person could help him figure it out.

It’s highly doubtful that the producers will let one part of their dramatic love triangle go so early in the season, but for the sake of Colton’s well-being we can hope that Becca gives him some kind of closure. We refuse to let Wills’s going home be in vain! Twitter was on the same wavelength, with most of them seemingly coming around to Colton’s side of the whole debacle. Check out some of the highlights from Monday’s episode and stay tuned to find out if Colton’s stay in Paradise is almost over.

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