July 17, 2024

Wild, overgrown Rapunzel hair is the post-lockdown trend celebs are loving

While last year we were all lopping our strands lob-length, this autumn, endlessly long hair is in.

And rather than keeping it poker straight, a more relaxed approach has made way for wild, beautiful texture that rivals Rapunzel.

If you still haven’t made it to the salon for a trim yet, stop right there. You’re leading the latest hair trend that celebs are scrambling to join.

It kind of makes sense, when you think about it. Our girl, Rapunzel, was shut up in a tower keeping things socially distanced for months. She couldn’t see her glam squad. She had to cancel evening events. And even if she had a hair brush, what would have been the point in using it? It’s not like she was seeing anyone. Pressure’s off.

Sounds familiar. When it comes to our strands, 2020 has been the year that we’ve downed tools, skipped styling and really let our hair do it’s thing. Honestly, it’s been kind of liberating. We’ve headed back to our roots, embraced air drying and realised that rando kinks and mismatched waves and curls are pretty darn gorgeous.

Length-wise, it all got a bit overgrown in the time that’s passed since March. Shoulder-length hair has hit our boobs. Boob-length hair has hit our waists. And waist-length hair has grazed our bums.

It’s become a bit of a trend. One that, even now – when we have access to hair stylists again – continues to be emulated. The best part is that everyone can jump on board. You don’t necessarily need to have naturally long hair to partake.

Take JLo for example. Not long ago, her hair stylist debuted a shorter, wavy bob style on the singer. But as of today, her hair is treble the length, coming in just past her bum. Ahh, the magic of hair extensions.

Likewise, Ciara, Kylie Jenner and Jourdan Dunn have all been enjoying long, swooshy hair over lockdown.

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