Why you should ask for undercover layers at your next hair appointment

Katie Allan, Founder of MAYFIVE Hair, is touting undercover layers as the most popular hair cutting trend for autumn/winter because they suit literally every face shape.

“Undercover layers are super popular as they can be done on most hair types and textures,” says Katie. “It’s a versatile style that adds movement, texture and volume into the hair and removes weight. The technique involves very subtly taking out weight without adding shorter hairs throughout the top and it achieves a natural looking result, which is almost invisible to the eye when expertly cut.”

Bored of your usual haircut but not ready for a completely new look? Story of my goddamn life.

If, like me, you crave a subtle change but can’t quite bring yourself to have a drastic pixie cut or bleach blonde dye job, it could be time to try undercover layers, a technique which will help you achieve a natural, soft and cool style that requires little styling and maintenance.

Whilst all hair types can achieve this look, Katie says it works especially well to deconstruct a blunt cut to give the hair more shape and add movement, or long hair where you want to take away some weight so it’s less heavy.

“Gone are the days of obvious choppy, Jennifer Aniston style layers that we all once had, undercover (also known as invisible) layers are the secret to an effortless and super chic hair cut,” she adds.

Undercover layers are also totally ideal to get ahead of a possible second lockdown (please no!) because they’ll give your hair movement and time to grow out naturally before you can get back to the salon. It’s all about preparation, right?

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