Why the vertical cut is the most naturally flattering haircut you should ask for in-salon

According to Alessandro Calvio, Artistic Consultant, with clientele including Bianca and Jade Jagger, Pippa and Carol Middleton, and Vanessa Kirby, the vertical cut is the most popular style in salons right now because it ‘enhances the natural beauty of every client’s hair’.

Yes, getting a bold new colour can really spruce up your hairstyle but actually, the secret to an enhanced look likes in the cut.

There’s a plethora of haircut options to choose from in salons, from a simple trim and undercover layers to the blunt lob and The Shag, but one is reigning supreme in salons right now.

Why is the vertical cut so flattering?

The vertical cut is more of a technique than a style and it is flattering on everyone. Here’s how it works: the hair grows vertically so this technique is the most organic way to cut the hair. It does not go against, but supports the true nature of the hair following its natural movement and how it falls.

It breathes life back into your hair. It’s a suits-all cut because each iteration is tailor-made to suit the person in the chair; you are unique and so is your hair, so the cut will be made for you.

Who does it suit?

Everyone! Whether you have straight, wavy or curly hair, the vertical cut can be worked in a way that suits your face shape and style so simply ask your hairdresser for ‘the vertical cut’.

How can we maintain and style the cut at home?

The beauty of the vertical cut is how effortless it is to maintain and style at home. You simply wash and go. Your hair is ‘happy’ in the natural cut stye so it will want to respond to you how you style it, in the right way. I always encourage that you continue to follow the natural fall of your hair. If it is curly, keep it curly – the same goes for wavy or straight hair. Find the confidence to love your hair again just how it should be.

The vertical cut is about quality not quantity. The philosophy behind the technique is to bring the hair back to its healthiest most natural state, which will allow you to maintain a ‘fresh from the salon’ look, long after the appointment is over.

Once the hair is revived, you can continue with traditional methods to maintain its healthiness. Things like vitamin C, D, B6 and B12, a healthy diet and drinking lots of water will promote the health of the hair, the same way it does to your body. And, of course implement a usual routine of shampoo, conditioner and serum/heat protection 2-3 times a week using natural, organic products. Remember less is more when it comes to product.

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