May 19, 2024

Why Manifesting Is For Everyone

Are your new year’s resolutions already a distant memory? It might be time to start manifesting. The self-help technique – which effectively promises to turn dreams into reality – has been gaining popularity for decades, from the publication of The Secret back in 2006 to more modern iterations over on TikTok.

If you’ve ever considered giving manifesting a go, you’ve probably come across Roxie Nafousi’s first book, Manifest: 7 Steps to Living Your Best Life; a staple on many an influencer’s Insta grid with it’s recognisable bright-orange jacket. Not only does it look good on your coffee table, but it actually has the potential to change your life – as countless Amazon reviews have confirmed.

Manifest: Dive Deeper is the highly-anticipated follow-up, delving further into the fundamental concepts of manifestation – as well as providing practical techniques to implement the practice in your life. We spoke to Roxie Nafousi to find out more about the inspiration behind her latest book, why many people are sceptical of manifestation, and why women tend to be more attracted to the practice:

GLAMOUR: Hi Roxie! What’s the story behind your latest book, Manifest: Dive Deeper?

In many ways, the two books really reflect my own self-development and manifesting journey.

The first book introduces everything you need to know about manifesting and my unique 7-step approach. It was also the gateway to self-development for me, and it was for many people who read the book too. Then, once I personally mastered the basics and found myself investing in self-development, I started literally ‘diving deeper’ into the healing required to really unlock my most powerful self and become even more powerful in my ability to manifest.

I wanted this book to show people how to do that for themselves. This book is really about healing and personal expansion, and it’s filled with exercises for people to really use to self-reflect and change. It teaches them to be their own healers. The book also has all new practical tools to use and new ideas, and it answers all the questions readers were asking me!

How has manifesting changed your life?

In every way imaginable. It gives me a source of constant hope, guidance, and inspiration. It has helped me to grow into a much more confident, self-aware and grounded person. It is still helping me daily to deal with life’s challenges with more resilience and patience and helps me to attract more abundance into my life than I could have ever imagined.

I am so passionate about this practice. I’ve hosted hundreds of talks on manifesting and done even more interviews, and I’m still just as excited now. I never get bored of talking about manifestation because I truly love and believe in it so much and see the positive impact it has not just on me but on other people.

Do you think manifesting is too easily dismissed in society?

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