July 18, 2024

Why everyone will be driving, this super chic car in 2019

Having never driven an automatic, SUV or Jaguar before, the anticipation of driving the Jaguar E-Pace Dynamic SE in comparison to my Ford Fiesta was daunting to say the least – until I actually started driving it.

The E-Pace is the baby version of the earlier Jaguar F-PACE which was the fastest-selling model in Jaguar’s history.

It has similarities to everyone’s favourite mini SUV the Range Rover Evoque, its main competitors being the Audi Q3, Volvo XC40 and BMW X1.


The E-Pace has the perfect cocktail of looks, it’s big (but not too big), it’s modern, it’s chic and it’s sporty. You beam with pride when looking at it, knowing it’s yours to drive. It comes in a variety of vibrant colours like, Ceasium Blue, Corris Grey Metallic or the one I was driving – Firenze Red Metallic. Personally, statement cars like this I think look great in black or white – the black has to be my favourite.

Jaguar Land Rover UK

The interior of the E-Pace is simple, which many don’t favour, but for me this is ideal. The less faff to deal with the better. It had ebony black leather sports seats, a panoramic sunroof and plenty of space inside. My favourite bit is that the glove box is so big it can fit your handbag – finally a car that has a girl’s needs in mind.


For someone like me, who regularly travels long distances, the E-Pace offers so much to make the ride as comfortable as possible. It has electrically adjustable seats, including an adjustable lumbar support to help combat back pain on long journeys.

It has a super-modern InControl Touch Pro infotainment system with a 10-inch touchscreen display. It has a built-in sat-nav system, swipe /pinch gestures and the ability to control your phone apps such as Spotify, calendar and contacts through the Bluetooth system. It has four 12V charging points and five USB connectors, which is especially handy if you have a car-full of millennial Instagrammers.

Jaguar Land Rover UK

The E-Pace also has lots of driving assist accessories that I’ve never experienced before and now I wonder how I ever coped without them and no, it’s not parking assist – although that obviously has its advantages. It has cruise-control that’s great when you’re within speed-limits, lane-keep assist which is so helpful on the motorway, and traffic light reminders to rest during a long journey.

The drive, in general is enjoyable and smooth, the car does feel heavy, but nothing uncontrollable. There are four drive modes; comfort, eco, dynamic or rain/ice/snow. Most of the time I drove in comfort mode, but when switching to dynamic, the car feels a lot more agile and picks up speed much quicker getting from zero to 60 takes 6. 8 seconds.

Cruise control
Parking assist with rear camera
Lane-keep assist
Take a break reminders
Electrically adjustable seats
Heated steering wheel and seats
Speed on windscreen display
Variety of drive modes


Big and heavy feel

Jaguar Land Rover UK


Going from a small-car to a mini SUV was really not as daunting as I thought, it’s so easy to get used to with the help of all of the E-Paces modern features. You always feel in control, which I didn’t think I would, it feels very safe and reliable. It’s also much more fuel efficient than I had imagined. The price starts from £28,930, so there are options for those with a lower budget. The starting point is quite accessible for those in-market for their first SUV. We predict that everyone will be driving the E-Pace in 2019.

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