May 25, 2024

Why CBD is the most chilled out hair treatment ever…

In our ever-pressurised lives, a trip to the salon fulfills the most perfunctory of roles; namely ‘stop me looking like I’ve slept under a bush’ and ‘make my roots look less hideous, thank you please’.

The nearest we get to reposing in our chairs and luxuriating in the whole experience like salon visits of yesteryear is at the backwash when we pray for that most underused of phrases; ‘would you like a head massage? ’ (Who the heck ever turns down a head massage? ).

But in a new era of ‘wellness’ when we’re finally cottoning on to the importance of enhancing our spiritual, physical and emotional health, should we perhaps be approaching our salon time a little differently?

Hari’s – one of London’s premier salons – certainly think so as they launch what is set to be the most blissed out treatments around harnessing the powers of raw CBD and CBDA for what they boast is a ‘transforming treatment for mind, body, hair and scalp. ’

Unless you’ve been living in a nuclear bunker for the past year, it won’t have escaped your notice that CBD-infused beauty products are having a ‘moment’. Finally shedding it’s dopey connotations, cannabis has suddenly become the modern cure-oil for everything from inflammation to anxiety but Hari’s are going one step further with an experiential offering which combines a CBD tincture as well as a 100% organic, CBD-infused hair treatment.

“I’ve worked hand in hand with the CBD experts at ‘Spirit of Hemp’ to create a bespoke blend tailored to my client’s needs,” says founder Hari. “CBD has been used in eastern medicine and haircare for centuries producing incredible results, and I’m thrilled to be able to share these amazing benefits with my clients who want to rebalance reset. ”

Dubbed the ‘Spirit Of Hemp CBD Treatment’ (from £125), it starts with a few drops of CBD and CBDA oil which is held under the tongue to help promote a sense of balance, focus and calm. Next up is the exclusive CBD melange made up of a blend of pure CBD, Tamanu, MCT (from coconuts) and essential oils and which is worked into the scalp, neck and temples using a deeply calming head massage carried out by their in-house masseuse. The aim is to soothe stressed scalps, cleanse clogged pores and stimulate blood flow to encourage healthy, happy hair. And if that doesn’t make you feel far out enough, there’s an optional CBD hand and foot massage.

Like a fine tea, the treatment is then left to infuse under heat (whilst you sip some Hemp Flower tea) for maximum penetration of the oils. Designed to calm skin conditions such as eczema and reduce inflammation, you’ll leave looking and feeling like you’re walking on air (without feeling high).

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