April 13, 2024

Whitney Port revealed the reason Leonardo DiCaprio cut off their ‘text relationship’

Once upon a time, in a land called the 2000s, the reality TV-made It Girls were not the Kardashian-Jenners, but the women of The Hills. Whitney Port, co-worker and friend of series lead Lauren Conrad, wasn’t the most famous, but was probably the most envied.

Everyone liked her, she was good at everything, and she even got a spin-off (RIP The City).

Girls wanted to be her, guys wanted to be with her. Including, apparently, Leonardo DiCaprio.

“I ran into Leonardo DiCaprio at a nightclub and we proceeded to exchange numbers and had like a text relationship for 6 months…and that was really really fun…» she revealed at a recent media event about reality TV, per JustJared. It’s not clear exactly when this all happened, just that it was in the era of the BlackBerry, and no, I don’t think Leo watched The Hills. He truly just spotted her at the club.

“We were at the nightclub and he had someone call me over. I immediately called my mom and stepped outside of the club. And then he was like ‘come over, we’re going to the one next door too’ and I went with my best friend. I ended up that night dropping my cell phone in a puddle of water, and it wouldn’t turn on and I was freaking out because I was like Leo’s gonna text me and I’m never gonna get it. And then I stuck it in rice and it worked. ”

Calling your mum and then breaking your phone immediately? Whitney Port is just like me, TBH.

However, Port says, she ended up inadvertently ending things when she confided in the wrong person. «I told our Executive Producer about it, because we were friends and then I think he leaked it to the press and then [DiCaprio] never texted me back. » What could have been!

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