May 30, 2024

Whitney Can’t Stop Thinking About These Absurd Sunglasses

They’re an instant outfit upgrader. Skinny Demon sunglasses, $115, available at Poppy Lissiman

Skinny Demon sunglasses, $115, available at Poppy Lissiman

As someone who cares a good deal about sustainability, I am trying to consume less and shop infrequently these days, mostly adding to my wardrobe when I find something I know I’ll wear for a long time. That means a lot of my go-to pieces lately are design-conscious, but simple, basics: a swing-y white button-up, a high-necked knit tank, the perfect pair of blue jeans.

The only problem with all of that is I still feel most like myself when I have at least one kind of funky element in any given outfit. That’s part of why I’ve been obsessing over these very extra sunglasses from Poppy Lissiman – they’re fun enough to make any look a bit more out there in a good way, meaning I can just add them to what I already have for an instant upgrade.

And while they’re not necessarily made sustainably, the fact that they’re allegedly very high quality means they shouldn’t break and end up in the trash anytime soon. Consider my one significant purchasing decision of the summer made.

Skinny Demon sunglasses, $115, available at Poppy Lissiman

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