July 20, 2024

Whitney (and Pretty Much Every Ethical Fashion Fan She Knows) Loves This Underwear

It’s not TMI if it’s organic, right? Lace-waist brief, $12, available here

I was over at a friend’s apartment for a small gathering recently when I noticed that one of my pals was wearing socks with a little-known but recognizable (to me) logo.

“Hey, are those Pact? ” I asked. He assured me that they were, and his wife soon chimed in that she was wearing her Pact underwear at the moment, and then another friend overheard and shared that she, too, was wearing the same.

What are the odds that four people (none of whom work in fashion, except me) were wearing the same not-super-famous brand at an informal hangout – and that they’d be excited enough about their underwear to talk about it at a party in the first place? Weird though the situation may have been, the odds aren’t actually that bad when you consider that all the people involved are committed to shopping ethically but don’t have huge budgets.

For anyone in that demographic, Pact is an easy choice: the pricing is accessible, the products are simple and likable and the ethics (all organic cotton and Fair Trade certified factories) are top-notch. If you want to join our weirdo crew, let me introduce you to my favorite pair of underwear from the brand: they’re so comfy that you’ll forget you’re wearing them, and the lace waistband means they never dig in and create weird lumps. Welcome to the party.

Lace-waist brief, $12, available here

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