June 22, 2024

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Gynecologists do not recommend the use of tampons for women who have inflammatory diseases of the genital organs. Today, perhaps even children are aware of the variations in women’s hygiene means during critical days, an unintended audience, which, nevertheless, is well acquainted with advertising.

Many women learn about women’s hygiene from advertising. But the nuances that interest them and the questions they care about, they for some reason prefer to discuss at forums, and not in the office of a female doctor.

Responses to delicate questions correspondent SHE learned from specialists.

freedom of choice

Invented in the 30s of the last century, they, on the one hand, gave the woman freedom not less than the invention of a bikini. On the other hand, even today, after almost a century, there is no consensus on the use of tampons. “I’m just uncomfortable with him, he is felt inside,” some ladies say, others may even be hurt. There are many such. Gynecologists say that discomfort when using a tampon can be for two reasons. The first is if the tampon is entered incorrectly.

The second reason is psychological. “Some women can not overcome the psychological fear of the constant presence of a foreign body” inside themselves, “even if in this case it is a necessary hygienic remedy, such as a vaginal swab,” says the MD, gynecologist and endocrinologist at the Avanta- Honey »by Evgenia Ladunova.

Others motivate their refusal with a fear of health. Here the reason is quite objective – on the tampon a few hours after the introduction of free-flowing bacteria. “If the rules of hygiene are not observed when using tampons, microorganisms, which are normally contained in the vagina, begin to multiply actively and can cause dysbacteriosis.

First there may not be any symptoms, but when the number of opportunistic microorganisms exceeds the permissible norm, itching, discharge and other unpleasant sensations occur, “the gynecologist continues. The key words here are “improper use”, if the swab is changed every 4 hours, the bacteria do not have time to multiply, which means that the fears are unreasonable. Thus, perfectly healthy women can use tampons without restrictions, taking care only of their timely change.

But sufferers with cystitis and other inflammatory diseases need to be cautious.

“Contraindications for the use of tampons are inflammatory diseases, for example chlamydia, trichomoniasis or any other infections of the genital tract. Tampons are a provoking factor for exacerbation, “explains the gynecologist of the medical center” Catharsis “Rauza Loginova.

For the same reason, doctors do not recommend going to the pool during the months, or lying in the bathroom – although the advice seems outdated. “During menstruation, the woman does not have a mucous plug in the cervical canal, and the contaminated water freely enters the fallopian tubes. If you have not had inflammation yet, it will be, “Rauza Loginova warns.

And, finally, the most contentious question is whether it is possible to use a swab at night. After all, not all love to feel like a baby in a diaper, hanging on the panty liner with a note night. Today there is no evidence that tampons are harmful. However, they can not be used for more than 8 hours, doctors say. If you have enough willpower to wake up and swap a tampon at least once a night, you can safely use it. If not, it’s better to be safe. After all, if you’ve ever read the instructions on the package, you know about the so-called toxic shock syndrome, which can develop if the tampon is inside for too long. However, the chief obstetrician-gynecologist of Novosibirsk Nelly Aghamyan noted that she will not remember a single case of the above-mentioned disease, and to get it,Do not remove the tampon for several days. But, in any case, you should not experiment on yourself.

Clean place

Despite all the advantages of tampons, two-thirds of women (according to approximate data of practicing doctors) prefer to use gaskets. So it is more habitual and not so much precautions. Bacteria also live on the gasket, but do not penetrate inside, and this is the main thing. If it is a question of a choice of this means of hygiene, doctors recommend to consider the factor of a material. From the point of view of the ecology of personal space, there is nothing more innocuous than medical cotton wool with gauze (it’s certainly not about convenience here). The granddaughters of this invention also vary in filling, and it is better to have cellulose inside – it does not cause allergic reactions. The top cover is also important: and synthetic “netting” is better to prefer a natural soft surface.

To eliminate odor, which is inevitable when using a gasket, manufacturers today use fragrances such as “ocean freshness” or “tender roses” or “enrich” with herbal extracts. Manufacturers assure that fragrances not only contribute to the elimination of odors, but also neutralize skin irritation. However, the opinion of experts on this subject is different.

Doctors say that deodorized pads can cause irritation and allergic reactions. ”Any gasket can cause irritation, and aromatized – especially,” Rauza Loginova said.

Third – when using a gasket to prevent microbes from getting inside the lining, hygiene with the right remedy is especially important. “For intimate hygiene, you can use only special products that are sold only in pharmacies. They do not contain allergenic components, aromatic fragrances and not only refresh, but also maintain the necessary acidity of the vaginal contents of the woman, “recalls Evgenia Ladunova.

As for the daily pads, so firmly entrenched in our lives, a few years ago, their doctors did not like the greenhouse effect and other sins. Today, everything has changed – materials have become much better in quality, and doctors recommend these pads. “Daily gaskets are just the way out. A rare woman does without any excreta, and the underwear, which is used today, hardly fulfills its hygienic role. And to change several times the gasket is much more hygienic than walking all day in some swimming trunks “, – considers Mrs. Loginova. When choosing everyday, you also need to take a closer look – if the padding has a cellophane bottom, it is unlikely that it “breathes”. Be carefull.

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