Which New Oreo Flavor Are You?

There is so much Wonderfilled hype surrounding Oreo these days. From the limited-time holiday treats to the new flavors launching soon as a result of the My Oreo Creation Contest, our sweet tooths are going crazy.

The contest, which launched in May 2017, asked consumers to submit original flavor ideas through the month of July. Oreo received a ton of crazy-creative ideas, including avocado and unicorn, but only three cookies made it to the Wonder Vault: Kettle Corn, Pina Colada, and Cherry Cola.

Though the flavors won’t be released until May 2018, at which point fans will be asked to vote for their favorite, Oreo is releasing four additional flavors over the course of the next few months to satisfy your cookie cravings.

So, to help you decide which to try, we’ve matched each flavor with complementary personality traits. A Piña Colada Thin? Totally know one of those.


You’re the firecracker friend. Everyone knows you’ll bring the fun and always prove to be the life of the party. You are bursting with energy and like to be the center of attention.


You’re the person that everyone always refers to as “cute,” and you think that’s annoying. Unfortunately, there’s no escaping the fluff. You are always getting complimented on your outfits, somehow maintain the bounciest blowout (seriously, how?), and there’s not an unsweetened bone in your body.

Hot Spicy Cinnamon (available January 1)

You’re exactly that: hot and spicy. You are unapologetically loud and march to the beat of your own drum. Haters have no place in your world, but your ginormous, all-accepting heart doesn’t hate back.

Chocolate Hazelnut (available January 1)

You’re the reliable one. Everyone comes to you for advice and trusts you with their secrets. You are compassionate, nurturing, and generally aim to please. The best part: You’re authentic, with your golden cookie and nutty filling.

Piña Colada Thins (available May 2018)

You’re a social media queen who can always be found, oddly-enough, drinking out of a coconut. You’re constantly posting #TBTs from sunny vacations past, sitting in Bambi Pose, and leading people to believe you’re the world’s grandest jet-setter. We see you, and we love to loathe you.

Kettle Corn (available May 2018)

Sun-kissed on the outside, country on the inside, you’re equal parts sweet and sassy. When people first meet you, they peg you for a salt-free kinda girl, but once they get past your golden exterior, they realize you are full of surprise.

Cherry Cola (available May 2018)

Your friends say you’re the one with the “chillest vibes.” You are easy going (almost annoyingly so), optimistic, and creative. You’re always down for live music, late nights, and, of course, a cold cola to cure your hangover come morning.

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