When our favorite pizza joints go the extra mile, Photos

This movie rental spot had a hole in the wall so that you can order pizza from next door.

These pizza box lids are perforated to be pizza plates.

A quick tutorial on how to re-heat your pie.

This bag has the corners cut out so that the pizza sits flat.

“My local pizza joint puts one of every filler on top of the stomboli.”

“A Dominos employee stood outside of a recently closed Pap Johns in my neighborhood and started selling pizzas.”

When you ask the delivery guy for his deepest darkest secret.

It’s for the kids.

Alaska pizza place has boxes that double as targets for shooting.

“Pizza place where I live is making shrimp-shaped pizza during our town’s Annual Shrimp Festival.

This place really understands their customers.

Amsterdam has a pizzeria for boats.

“Due to the Truckers Manifestations, Brazilian gas stations are out of gasoline. that’s how the pizza guy came to my neighbor’s house.”

This pizza place lists the taxes as “the man” on their receipts.

When the pizza place helps you with a proposal.

Pizza in bed.

This pizza place tells you the area of all their pizza slices and how large they are compared to each other.

This pizza place shreds their pepperoni.

Pizza box converts into coffin for “The Remains”

“The pizza place by my house compares the size of their slices to newborn babies.”

Pizza place wraps silverware in bread.

For those pizza junkies out there, this tee exists. Just sayin’.

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