May 18, 2024

When I get nervous, start to pull hair

I suffer from trichotillomania since I was 14. I think, therefore I am trying to “remove” from the heads of evil thoughts, excitement. Can be cured without the help of a psychologist? Or you may need medication and professional help? Maybe there is some established pattern of treatment?

Light, 24

Hello, World! You suffer from a disorder that requires the help of a psychologist, a normal regular work with a therapist and it can take a long time. For ten years you have suffered enough and the symptoms and limitations that he brings to personal life.

Drug treatment may be necessary if only the symptom is associated with another disorder that is so serious that requires medication. This is not necessarily your case. First of all, I would advise to go to a therapist to rule out that the degree of manifestation of the problem. You can then go to a psychologist. If we could get rid of this disorder was easy, you would have already done it yourself, isn’t it?

Когда нервничаю, начинаю выдергивать волосы

The fact that you will not only get rid of the symptom, how to work through those emotional and cognitive schema that underpin it. One of these schemes just given you the letter: hair – like bad thoughts and excitement with which there is no other way to cope and to cope, but to pull out by the roots.

You have to learn to cope with thoughts and worries in a more constructive way.

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