When going on vacation, leave a huge cosmetic bag at home, and put jewelery on your shoes

The suitcase is already swollen, but sitting on it astride and trying to fasten, you anxiously recall: “Did I take a white blouse that I have not even put on for a summer,” on vacation her time will come.

” For sure there will be those who can imagine themselves in this position. And, if you continue the script further, remember how, when you came to the sea (in the tent, to your grandmother in the village), you climbed into the simplest and most convenient shorts or sarafan and took them off just to wash. And the full suitcase stood full, and when you looked at it, annoyance was born in the heart – I did not want to drag it back.

She learned about how to approach the choice of clothes for vacations properly.

The main problems that are encountered during the transportation of baggage are heavy bags, in which, as a result, little has entered, and in them leaked cosmetics, broken earrings, rumpled dresses that can not be patted. All this, though it does not kill the impressions of the sun, mountains, forests, but can at some point spoil the mood. We will discuss how to start choosing a wardrobe.

Orient on the terrain

Where and for what amount we go – it’s important. If our way lies in Altai, where it is planned to alternate tents with rooms removed from local residents, we need to take care of what will be convenient for walking. If you expect a trip to the sea, then – what to walk along the promenade and on a tour. If you go to Europe in an expensive hotel, then do not ignore the fact that there is a certain dress code in the evening in restaurants.

“For a good rest it is very important to fit well into the environment, do not feel alien,” advises the stylist, the shop assistant Elena Vaiman. “Therefore, for example, in the Emirates it is better to be polite and wear closed clothes on the street.”

If you are accustomed to a certain style in a city – for example, a polka-dot dress looks wonderful when you go to work – at the sea it may turn out to be inappropriate and too decorative. In addition, this dress requires a special bag, shoes in which you can not walk on the sand, and generally a lot of walking uncomfortable. A question may arise: what about the evening, if a solemn event happens? There are two exits. “Take a few colorful kerchiefs, a lot of costume jewelry with them – with their help you will turn simple day clothes into an evening dress,” the stylist advises. – Option two: you go to a place where people live, where there are shops, and why not on vacation to pamper yourself and not suddenly buy a new thing? “.

Let him stay at home

What, except chiffon dress in polka dots, can be superfluous in luggage? Abundance of decorative cosmetics. Even if you are used to going out to the bakery in the city with full make-up, on vacation – whether it is at sea, where tanned skin and shining eyes do not require special correction, in a tent in the Altai, where the make-up will simply not be appropriate, on sightseeing trips where people look not at you, but in the sights, in Europe, where Russian women are ridiculed for carnival make-up, in Asia, where it is better not to irritate the local population – you will not need a custom cosmetic set in a huge volumetric cosmetic bag.

“You do not need to take a lot of shoes with stilettos,” continues the stylist. – Shoes on vacation should be primarily convenient, it is possible that you will have to walk a lot. “

It will not be superfluous.

But Elena Vaiman recommends that you take with you on any trip:

• a long skirt with a scent – it will be comfortable in the beach, and in the parking lot in the mountains, in the village, and during excursions;
• light trousers, better – shorts;
• Some simple, not embroidered with sequins and sequins of shirts;
• the headpiece that you are wearing – bandana, cap, hat;
• a hat with large margins, which is better to buy on arrival or go immediately in it – to pack in a suitcase this “carpet-plane” is not reasonable.

“You have to take a cotton shirt or a long-sleeved jacket,” Elena advises.”Either a denim jacket, a light jacket – in the evening or during sudden gusts of wind, such warming would be welcome.”

Heavy woolen sweaters, going to the sea, it is better to leave the house – the probability that they will be needed is minimal. But in a walk with a tent with warm tents take it – it will take in the backpack place of light linen trousers and elegant dresses.

Embrace the vast

Can not pack a suitcase? A few tips on how ergonomic to use the small space of a suitcase. The most common problem is where to put jewelry, makeup, shoes. Caskets are too bulky, cosmetic bags are unstable, shoes take up a lot of space. Try to fold the chains, rings and earrings into separate socks, and those – to spread folded on the shoes. The amount of decorative cosmetics, as we said, should be minimized, but it is better to take creams and lotions. If the bottle of your favorite lotion is drained half, it is better to pour it into a smaller container, where the volume will fill up to the eye. To leave a suitcase for another pair of sandals, put the most voluminous shoes on the road. Use clothing covers to prevent difficult ironing of the fabric.

And finally – a story about how some people manage with a vacation wardrobe. Things that are about to come a moral or physical end, people take with them on vacation, they wear out to the end, buy everything new and with a refreshed suitcase and new impressions come home.

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