What Your Nails Say About You

Did you know our nails are good indicators to our overall health? Bumps, ridges, color and hardness are all signs that could reveal bigger health issues under the surface.

If you have extremely pale or white nails you could be suffering from anemia, heart failure, malnutrition and even liver disease. Note that if your nails are mostly white but are outlined by a dark rim this can indicate more advanced liver problems like hepatitis.

If you see your nails have turned yellow and hard that’s typically a good indication you have a fungal infection. If left untreated and the infection worsens the infection can be very difficult to treat. Nail fungus is extremely infectious and can spread to your adjacent nails and to the people around you!

The nail bed can also become affected by the infection which can cause the nail to lift or detach itself from the nail bed completely. Not to be confused with psoriasis, nail infections won’t go away or clear up on their own, medication or treatment is necessary if you are to have any hope of clearing up your nail infection.

If you’re seeing a bluish tint to your nails that could mean your body isn’t getting enough oxygen. It could also indicate lung problems such as emphysema. If your nails are rippled or pitted that could be a sign of early sign of psoriasis or arthritis. If your nails are constantly cracking, splitting, or breaking, you could have thyroid disease. If the nails also give off a yellowish tint you could have a fungal infection.

Dark lines that reach deep under the nail should be check out immediately, they can be caused by melanoma which is the most dangerous and deadly type of skin cancer.

Everyone’s nail are different, not every tiny change is your nails may be an indicator for something insidious. But if you aren’t sure or want a second opinion seek out a dermatologist or doctor near you!

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