June 19, 2024

What you need to know when choosing a car

To tell today jokes about women at the wheel are not funny, not fashionable and not relevant. Modern girls feel on the road no less confidently than men, because they use the car at least them.

According to a survey conducted by the SHE portal, 30% of respondents already at the wheel, 10% do not need a car, 14% plan to acquire an “iron horse” in the near future, and 44% of cars do not have, but they want to acquire it.

In general, a woman is hardly necessary to a woman than a man: not to carry heavy bags in his hands, to carry a child comfortably, to keep up with the day in dozens of points of the city.

Which car is necessary for a woman and how to approach the choice of a suitable machine, the correspondent of SE explained.

M + F

When she is going to drive her own car, the girl should remember: the division of models into masculine and feminine does not have any technical, and even more so, scientific bases. “Traditionally, it is believed that a fragile woman should ride a small car, also pink in a flower. And only a strong man is allowed to operate a huge black jeep, “says Igor Sibtekh, a consultant at the auto show. – All this is just a peculiarity of human perception, and for example, yesterday a girl of 150 cm height left with pleasure to leave our salon on the Infinity 56 – just a huge car. ”

The dimensions of the machine and its owner really do not prevent them from existing in complete harmony. The height of the seats is adjustable in almost all models, the power steering, which makes the car easier to control, is also provided in most cars. Modern girls know this very well, therefore, when choosing a car, they are not oriented only to its size for a long time.

“Today, women choose cars based only on personal preferences,” says the manager of the SibMotors-Center salon, Tatyana. “Many of them like bigger ones, and only half of our customers prefer compact cars, like Daewoo Matiz.

But men choose this model almost more often than girls. ”Beginning motorists do not immediately feel the dimensions of the car, because, regardless of sex, they prefer compact models at first. Choose a car you need, given your own preferences and goals for which it will serve, and not abstract ideas about women’s and men’s cars.

Understand the choice

Once you have defined the main tasks for the future auto, you can define with the model. “If a girl travels mostly around the city, then a small car is really more convenient,” said Dmitry Sudakov, director of the “My Master” car-care center. – It’s easier to turn around, park on narrow streets, rebuild in traffic jams. But at the same time on a bad, bumpy road, especially in the winter, a small car is easier to bring. ” That is, if the main route of the future automobile owner passes through the city, and it does not plan to transport huge boxes with seedlings to a dacha on a broken road, a small car will indeed be an excellent solution.

“But we must remember that all cars were originally designed for normal roads, and small cars A, B classes definitely do not expect that they will drive five,” Dmitry warns. “Just as you need to remember that the smaller, lighter the car, the lower its safety level in the collision. ”The safety of the car affects the color – the brighter the car, the more noticeable it is on the road. And of course, the presence of airbags: a novice driver to ensure the safety of his life and the lives of fellow travelers, just need at least two – for the driver and the front seat passenger. And in any case, do not neglect seat belts: without them, in the event of an accident, the pillow will not only not save, but can cause additional harm to health.

As for the volume of the engine, then, according to Dmitry Sudakov, it is important to keep in mind the following: the smaller it is, the more economical the car, but the less the resource of the engine itself, which means that it is less durable.

“But if the girl plans to travel around the city in normal mode, do not make sharp bends, do not carry a large family, she can do without a small car. ”

The next question is the choice between automatic and manual gearboxes. Traditionally, it is believed that girls prefer the “machine”: you can generally forget about the clutch, concentrate on the road, not thinking about the control system, it’s easier to navigate in a traffic jam. But in addition to the price (“automatic” is more expensive than “mechanics” by about $ 1500), the automatic transmission has a number of drawbacks. The breakdown in the automatic box leads to more complicated and expensive repairs, the gearbox switches gears much more often than necessary, the acceleration and dynamics of the car with the “automatic” lag behind similar machines with “mechanics”.

As for the elements of additional comfort, then given the Siberian climate, experts recommend not to skimp on the air conditioning, heated seats and mirrors, the ABS system, which prevents the wheels from being blocked during braking. The girl should be most comfortable at the wheel, so you need to take care of the available adjustments to the seat and steering column. And interior equipment of the machine (music, rugs, fresheners) can be dealt with after a direct purchase of a suitable model.

Give preference

As for specific models, Dmitry Sudakov recommends choosing cars that are popular in the region. “The more cars of this brand in the city, the easier it is to find a spare part on it, the easier it is to repair it. Just like the easier it is to repair a car, the simpler it is, the fewer electronic “bells and whistles” it has. In this regard, the women of our city are ideal “Toyota” and “Nissan”.

Indeed, the machines of these brands occupy the first places in the Top-5 among motorists of Novosibirsk. Women who enter the car prefer it and experts recommend it.

1. Toyota Vitz. The main advantage is the optimal combination of price and quality, as well as economy, compactness and practically problem-free and budgetary repair at any service station. Official dealers do not offer a car with a right-hand drive, but the left-hand analog Yaris costs 463,000 rubles in the base configuration. Vitz 2002 with automatic transmission costs in Novosibirsk from 200 000 rubles.

2. Nissan March. The steering wheel of this car is very pliable, and therefore especially convenient for the girl. In addition, for a city car, Nissan has quite good traffic. Again, can be repaired without any problems and costs. Auto 2002 with MKPP can be bought in the city for 220,000 rubles, and the new left-hand Micra costs from the official dealer 414,000 rubles.

3. Daewoo Matiz. Maneuverability, ease of operation, as well as a spacious four-seater cabin with externally small dimensions. If you fold the rear seats, you get a van to carry out the overall things. The price of an official dealer is from 179,000 rubles.

4. Honda Fit. Excellent interior and quality finishing materials, good handling, spacious interior and trunk. And just a very nice to use car. In a good set of cars in 2002 will cost about 350 000 rubles. The left-hand analog of Jazz in the cabin costs 454,000 rubles

5. Ford Fiesta. In addition to excellent interior and exterior, convenient handling and precise manual transmission, this is a long-established European technology and excellent quality for a price very similar for a European car. The official dealer offers Fiesta in the base configuration for 320 000 rubles.

A car for a woman is primarily a means of transportation, but here it shows her desire to be unique and original. Therefore, car dealers often face the fact that the girl clearly articulates all the characteristics of the desired car, but the color does not want the manufacturer in general. “And then for a certain price, we recolour everything that the lady wills into a pink color,” says the manager of “Carland Siberia” Igor. So, when choosing a car, remember: the main thing is safety and convenience, and everything else is limited only by your imagination.

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