April 17, 2024

What to wear to a wedding according to each of the different dress codes

Cynicism aside, weddings can be a real highlight of the season. The perfect excuse for a knees-up with some of your best pals and some strangers you’ll never see again (is there any better type of guest list? ), they serve not only as light relief at the end of a long week, but also as a smorgasbord of #inspo for when you decide to throw a similar extravaganza yourself.

While it may not be breaking news that a lot of weddings take place during summer, it never fails to take us by surprise *just* how many there are. Especially since the traditional ‘wedding season’ is supposedly no more, what with the rise in popularity of nuptials abroad. But here we are, a few weeks into summer and already rolling our eyes at the ‘first kiss’ (you’re not fooling anyone, guys).

The one thing that does throw a large majority of the party into a tizz every time, however, is the wedding wardrobe. Don’t wear white (obvs), but is this one too short? Is this too loud? Is this too casual? And then you read the small print… “Dress code: White tie”. Who knew that was a thing! ?

It is, and it’s the more formal sister of black tie. We’re talking fancy. REAL fancy. Red-carpet-worthy gowns, never-worn-before heels, annoying-to-hold clutches… the works.

And the other end of the spectrum is no easier. Sure, a ‘casual’ dress code sounds simple enough, but we fear that turning up in a ketchup-stained sweatshirt and Levi’s wasn’t what cool, fun, super-chilled, casual-dress-code Claire had planned for her wedding guests.

Whether you’re heading to a super fancy shindig, or a more ‘casual’ (read: not that casual) affair – or both! – scroll down for some serious sartorial inspiration…

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