May 20, 2024

What To Know About December 2022’s Full Moon

As we near the end of another year, it’s natural to reflect on all that has passed.

The cold moon is due very soon, which brings with it the perfect time to set your intentions for the future. So this year, we advise you do your reflections with the cold moon, and the wider impact of the stars and astrology, in mind.

GLAMOUR spoke to Noura Bourni – astrologist and astrological guide for the Saturn Returns Podcast with Caggie Dunlop – and got the complete lowdown on the cold moon, what it is and how it brings with it a new phase for us, spiritually.

What is the cold moon?

The Cold Moon is the first full moon in December – this year, it will fall on Wednesday 7 December.

Why is it called the cold moon?

“It’s called the cold moon because in the northern hemisphere we’re either a few weeks away from winter or have just entered it, thus it introduces the coldest months of the year,” Noura says.

Astrologers also say that the cold moon’s name is taken from Native American culture, and reflects changes in the natural world. When we reach the cold moon, we can rest assured that we have also reached the midpoint of winter and the darkest point of the season, and things will get brighter from here on in, which is super exciting.

What sign is December’s cold moon?

«The Cold Moon in 2022 will be in the sign of Gemini,» Noura explains. «And this year, the New moon following the Cold Moon will be on the 23rd to 24th December, in the sign of Capricorn.

“This would be an excellent time to set concrete intentions, write down our resolutions but also have a set plan for them. This will be more beneficial than setting these intentions or resolutions on 1st January for example. ”

Setting these intentions will put you on a path to see real changes by the summer, according to Noura: «By using the energy of the Cold Moon and consequent New Moon, you might see your life transform by July 2023. »

What is the spiritual meaning of the cold moon?

Due to the fact that it’s the last full moon of the Solar Year, the cold moon is all about reflection.

“We’re asked to sit in silence and stillness, ideally contemplating the last 12 months of our lives and allow gratitude to inform our thinking process,” Noura says. “This full moon in Gemini, for example, highlights the need to look at our community, our friendships, our next of kin and feel gratitude for them. ”

How can I work with the full moon’s energy?

“It’s a great time to reach out to those we’re estranged from, offer or ask for forgiveness or just organise a catch up over a hot chocolate or a mulled wine,» Noura says. «This, is also one of the best times to start slowing down and creating space for the next resolutions we intend to make by the next New Moon. ”

The cold moon period has often been described as a “cosmic climax” – a time to shed anything distracting or damaging to your wider path, and to leave it in 2021. To consolidate these efforts, talk through what you’re letting go of with a friend or like-minded cosmic enthusiast, or write them out in a list and throw them in a fireplace, fire pit or whatever safe place you have to set fire to what no longer serves you. And then, you’ll be free.

Mercury will be connecting with minor planet and comet Chiron during the cold moon, which encourages some soul searching on your part – express any painful memories during this time, instead of keeping them inside. The perspective from the cold moon has the power to offer up new questions we can ask about our past pain, so that we can move forward.

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