What to do in your free time?

“A drama circle, a photo gallery, I also need to sing a hunt …” Do you remember how my mother tried to write you down in the next circle in order to ensure versatile education? But unfortunately, in most of the “young talents” these attempts provoked only rejection.

The result was the abandoned ballet classes and music schools. Paradoxically, but years later many women wake up deeply depressed desire to learn something like that. What can adults do in their free time (excluding the daily “homework” in the form of fulfilling family-marital obligations), the correspondent of SE explained.

I dazzled him of what was …

Many of you have lasted to the end of “art” or “music” in childhood? If so, you can honorably wear the title of a man with an iron will. The rest are lucky less. It’s good that you can draw today in adulthood. For example, in the school “7 elephants” you will learn the basics of drawing, painting and composition for 200 rubles per class. In the architectural and design school “Creativity” (a branch of the pre-university training center of the Novosibirsk Architecture Academy) you will have to pay 1920 rubles per month. Classes are held twice a week for two hours. In the program – painting and graphics.

Those wishing to mash in the hands of clay will have to work with the search for the company: in special adult schools sculpture is not taught, but there is an opportunity to agree with the teacher in the nursery. For example, there is such an opportunity in art school №2. Training will cost about 600 rubles a month. At the same time, the minimum group should be 7-8 people.

The greatest difficulties in our city are ceramics, for which a potter’s wheel is needed. The most famous place where it is possible to sculpt pots is the Kaleidoscope Center in Akademgorodok. You can say the only thing. Working with clay requires a lot of patience. But the results are worth it – it’s not in vain that clay is often used in group art therapy. Clay is a good sorbent not only of slag from the skin, but also of negative emotions.

The body in the case: latino

When it becomes clear that the body needs something more than close communication with the office chair, the woman increasingly thinks not about the treadmill, but about the dance. Eastern, Irish … Today in the arena came Latin American, especially salsa. Remember how the heart froze on the scenes of the party in “Dirty Dancing”? However, a strict inner voice often reminded you of the lack of motor talents and cut off all dreams in the bud.

According to the instructors, salsa is a simple dance that everyone can learn.Improves the plastic, there is a seductive curve of the back. Who will refuse this?

Elina Milman, a teacher at the Salsateka club and a psychologist by training, notes that for her, salsa is an instrument of psychological work. “We show that you can get social competence not only through going to a movie or a cafe with friends – this can be done in dance. We teach guys to treat girls properly, change their attitude, and we get it. ” By the way, the “Salsatek” project is a non-profit, mandatory conditions are age till 25 years and good attendance of classes. In other schools, classes cost from 130 to 250 rubles. All information, however, can be found on the website www.sibsalsa.ru.

Love of horses

Many admire these graceful animals. To realize the image of a charming rider can be in one of the equestrian clubs of Novosibirsk. For example, in the Specialized Children and Youth School of the Olympic Reserve for Equestrian Sports. Children under 15 years old are free. Adults pay their training (up to 400 rubles per hour).

For two months of regular classes twice a week you can learn to feel confident in the saddle. 

However, according to the head of the school Tatyana Naprienko, the main contingent of their visitors is up to 30 years. Older women, according to her observations, refuse not so much because of fear, but because of the embarrassment: “Women are too often afraid of ugly or ridiculous to look, this is their and holds back …”.

By the way, the cold season is a good time to start (horses on the closed arena are more accommodating). Just arm yourself with a medical certificate: shaking is contraindicated, for example, in cystic formations in the ovaries, protrusion of the intervertebral discs. If there are no prohibitions, there will be only one benefit in the form of improving the blood supply to the pelvis and preventing inflammatory female diseases.

Siberian Bear

Mishka Teddy, as the world practice has shown, is successful not only as a favorite of kids: the teddy movement is gaining momentum today in our country. In Novosibirsk the club-footed can learn how to sew in the club “SibTeddy” (site www.bearstudio.ru). According to the head of the studio Guzely Kostyn, most often women come to her after thirty. First, at a young age, girls usually have other interests. In addition, a hobby is not the cheapest: the cost of materials (professional mohair, peephole, filler) for one collector’s bear starts from a thousand rubles.

The art of felting out of wool, the making of dolls, the return of fashion to embroidery – everything that was recently almost denied as a non-modern occupation, is again relevant today.

“Needlework is a very good way to balance your inner energy – to achieve a balance between peace and creative inspiration,” Gestalt psychotherapist of the psychological center of the NGU Rimma Efimkin explains the craving of modern women for needlework.

For a woman it is especially important that what she does is work for her realization as a person. And if a woman’s profession does not allow her to do this, it is the hobby that often becomes a good outlet. And if you still do not know what your soul desires, use the advice of the Eastern wise men – just drop everything and arrange a break. Doing nothing, too, must be able to correctly.

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