April 20, 2024

What The Colour Of Your Menstrual Blood Means

Ever wondered why your period blood can sometimes appear to be different shades of red (or maybe even another colour)? Getting to know how your periods look – or change as your bleed continues – is a good idea, so you can understand your body better and learn what’s normal for you.

Granted, this is easier if you wear tampons and pads than if you swear by period knickers.

It’s pretty common for period blood to appear to look a spectrum of colours, and there’s a simple explanation for it, too. Luckily, period expert and author of the book You Can Have a Better Period, Le’Nise Brothers has broken it down for us.

What the colour of your period means

“Our periods and menstrual cycles are one of five vital signs, alongside our blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate and temperature, which means that they are a barometer for our general health and wellbeing,” Le’Nise explains. “How we experience our monthly bleeds, even the colour, can give us an indication of whether all is as it should be. When you have your next period, have a look.

“If anything is slightly off, don’t panic, but take note,” she adds, though she does recommend seeing a doctor if you notice an abnormality in your bleeding. “If your menstrual blood is a very unusual colour like grey, green or orange, that could be a sign of bacterial vaginosis, trichomoniasis or an STI, so please go and see your doctor. If the menstrual blood is black, that could indicate an infection or a vaginal blockage like a stuck tampon or another object — go to your doctor ASAP if this is the case. ”

Bright red

“This bright, cranberry red colour is what we want. It’s a sign that the blood and menstrual fluid is flowing as it should from the uterus. The bright red colour indicates a freshness and that the blood is passing through the vagina quickly after it sheds from the lining of the uterus. ”

It’s worth noting that if you’re bleeding through severe pads or tampons an hour or passing large blood clots often, it is a good idea to get it checked out, as your flow could be heavy.

Female reproductive system concept. Organs location scheme uterus, cervix, ovary, fallopian tube.

Dark red

“This is what we might see towards the end of our periods. The darker red means that it is older blood from the deeper parts of the lining of the uterus that has taken longer to shed. ”

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