What on earth is moon water and why is everyone obsessed with it

To the uninitiated among us, the idea is that you leave your crystals to charge up using the powers of the nature, including leaving them out in the sun, burying them in the ground for a day or two, or leaving them under the moonlight, all of which helps to restore the crystal to its full energetic potential and cleanse any negativity it may have absorbed since its last charge.

If you’re into healing crystals as part of your wellness regime, you might already be familiar with the idea of ‘charging’ them.

For anyone wanting to amplify their wellness rituals, or for those who don’t own crystals, it seems you can reap the energetic benefits of the charging process using nothing but water. All you have to do is leave it under the moonlight.

It makes sense given the moon’s existing connection with water (the moon’s gravitational pull dictates the ocean tides) as well as how we all seem to be emotionally connected to its movements (many attribute chaotic or tumultuous behaviour to the presence of a full moon).

“The moon is a celestial body that works in relation to Earth, and it can affect things like your mood, your internal balance, the tides and how water molecules work,” explains Paolo Lai, Reflexologist FMAR and founder of Moon Mist, which makes its famed Aura Spray loved by Victoria Beckham. “By charging water with moonlight, you are actually locking all that goodness inside a bottle!”

So, how do we get in on the action? And what can we expect to feel? Here’s everything you need to know about moon water…

What is moon water?

As you might expect from the name, moon water is simply water that has been energetically charged by moonlight. For added benefits, you can add some crystals (just make sure they’re sustainably sourced as well as water-safe!). As a general guide, rose quartz is great for matters of the heart, turquoise can be used for healing, amethyst helps aid sleep, sapphire can encourage wisdom and bloodstone provides strength.

You can also bless the water with an intention before leaving it to charge. You can use burning sage to do this, or enjoy a moment of meditation to pray or recite an affirmation.

What phase of the lunar cycle is best?

According to Paolo, different phase of the lunar cycle are best for different purposes. “You will need to decide the lunar phase in which you are going to make your moon water, as each phase serves a different purpose,” he says. “A new moon is usually the time to ‘plant the seed’, when you put out your intention on what you wish to achieve, and a full moon marks the end of the lunar cycle, when you release old habits and patterns that don’t serve you any longer.”

What are the benefits of moon water?

It’s said that moon water harnesses lunar energy to help us explore our emotions, heal and revive our spirituality.

“Harnessing the power and energy that the moon exerts on us here on Earth is the ultimate goal,” adds Paolo.

What do I do with moon water?

After a night’s charge, the moon water can be used to bathe in, for household cleaning, in your skincare routine and even for drinking (provided you got the water from a suitable source).

“You can go ahead and use your water to anoint a sacred space or an object, drink it up (provided you have used safe crystals inside the water) during a ritual or meditation to attune to cosmic energy, and many more uses,” suggests Paolo.

It all depends on what you want to focus on – just be sure to use the moon water with intention to make the most of it.

Can I buy moon water?

For those who would rather leave it to the experts, it’s possible to buy fully charged moon water products. Paolo’s renowned Moon Mist Aura Spray, for instance, contains a blend of essential oils as well as water that has been charged by the full moon, and containing a selection of crystals. “The mist is prepared during each full moon using high grade purified water, ethically harvested essential oils including Palo Santo, alcohol and a pinch of Himalayan rock salt to preserve the elixir.”

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