What life on the road slinging popsicles is all about

In this first episode of Road Trippin’, we followed JC Youngblood, one of the co-founders of MEMPOPS, on his way to one of the biggest music events in Memphis, the Beale Street Music Festival. MEMPOPS does over 15 events a day, so life on the road is an integral part of their success.

Their mobile trucks have become synonymous with having a great event around town. As JC puts it “We gotta show up SHINING,” and with the help of Turtle Wax they’re able to outshine any other food trucks in town!

theCHIVE and Turtle Wax want to celebrate your “on the go moments” so we’re giving away up to 4 tickets to a festival or concert of the winner’s choice. To enter, just comment below with your favorite road trip memory and you’ll be entered to win.

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With the Memphis food truck scene blowing up over the past few years, it’s important to stand out amongst the crowd. With 2 Airstream trailers, 2 mail trucks and a handful of mobile push carts, MEMPOPS keeps their fleet standing out from the competition with Turtle Wax, and you too can turn heads with some of their top products!

Here’s what we recommend:

Turtle Wax Quick Easy Exterior 1 Waterless Wash Wax

With JC traveling to multiple events every day, he doesn’t always have time for a full wash – enter Quick and Easy Exterior 1. This stuff is magic – it’s the perfect solution for on-the-go cleaning. It won’t leave streaks or spots, and there’s no need for a bucket. It’ll also help repel water to keep your car staying clean!

If your ride is caked with mud or soil, make sure you rinse with a hose first. Use Exterior 1 to spot clean and remove stains and stubborn soils with a microfiber cloth. Then get after one section at a time, starting with the upper exterior surfaces and exterior glass.

Wipe away the Exterior 1 with a clean, dry microfiber cloth and repeat the process, making sure to cover all paint, wheels and trim. Bam! She’s bright as a diamond.

Turtle Wax Wax Dry Spray Wax

If you need to really get your ride shining beautifully, try the Wax Dry Spray. JC did a quick pass right before the festival gates opened each morning and it definitely gave the truck that extra sparkle to attract the festival attendees towards a delicious pop. Just wash your car rinse. No need to dry a thing! Just leave the car wet, shake up the bottle well, and just spray one panel at a time.

Then just dry and shine at the same time with a clean cotton towel or microfiber and Voila! Beautiful shine and finish so you’re ready to have the best looking vehicle out there. The beauty will overwhelm you. It’s super simple to use, and you’ll love how little effort or mess it takes… Look at that suave technique!

MEMPOPS is one of the most exciting mobile food experiences in Memphis, and the power of Turtle Wax products has really helped them look the part. Whatever your adventure might be, embrace the moment, even if it means getting a little messy – Turtle Wax has your back. Follow in MEMPOPS’ adventures HERE, and learn more about all of the amazing products Turtle Wax has to offer HERE!

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