June 21, 2024

What is there, where to go and with whom to communicate, to live 10 years longer

Tell me, which of you – yes, yes, and you too – would not want to live longer? To look at the great-grandchildren or simply to marvel at the advanced youth of the future.

We complain about stress and ecology as often as if we are writing in our impotence: saying that do not do anything is useless. In fact, this is not entirely true, and it is definitely worth the effort. The SHE correspondent found at least thirteen ways to extend his life. And yours too.

A set of individual biological characteristics, with which we come to this world, “prolapse” is rather difficult. The only thing in our power is to influence the way of life, whose share of influence, according to WHO, is 49-53%.

“We are genetically given a certain period of time and, following the right way of life – eating properly, having a reasonable physical load, tempering, we can extend this genetic code for 10 years, – says the therapist of the Avicenna clinic Diana Kim. “And we can shorten it with our wrong actions once or twice. ” In addition to incorrect actions on health and longevity affect the wrong thoughts.

“First and foremost, a normal psychological state provides a person with no fear, anxiety. When we are tense, our blood pressure rises, various diseases occur, – says the director of the Center for Medical Sexology and Psychotherapy Igor Poperechny. So that they do not arise, follow the recommendations of specialists.

1. Eat chocolate. Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health claim that people who eat chocolate in moderate doses on average live longer than those who eat sweets 3-4 times a week, and than those who do not eat them at all. The fact is that the sweet tooth delicacy favorite contains substances that prevent cancer and heart diseases.

2. Get your dog. In the recommendation of the hero Bruce Willis of the “Die Hard”, as it turned out, there is some truth. Pets help to relax, relieve stress and cheer up. As a result, their owners are less likely to complain to the doctor and generally feel better. The best result, according to American experts, is given by dogs, but the guinea pig will also come down. So run to the pet store.

3. Get up and go. It does not matter where. It is important – how much. 30 minutes at least. If you just walk boring, you can run. Women who run for 30 minutes five times a week, will live 2-4 years longer. This load will be reflected not only on the figure, but also on the head. “Running or long walking is a natural way of psychotherapy,” says Igor Poperechny. – Monotonous monotonous movement leads to reflection and develops stress resistance. At the person thoughts begin to turn in a head, he thinks all over, and if it happens for years, the person automatically leaves in the necessary channel ».

4. Find friends. If you really break away from the office chair and home sofa, then certainly with a company of like-minded people. Australian scientists argue that gloomy singles risk living 22% less than people who have many friends.

5. Morse instead of coffee. You are probably already aware that a strong aromatic coffee, despite its encouraging effect, is not the most useful drink. Much better, fruit juice, juice or loose tea with lemon. By the way, green tea and black tea are fraught with magic antioxidants, which significantly reduce the likelihood of heart disease. “You can afford uncompromising coffee, but preferably not more than once a day,” advises Olga Poznyak, a nutritionist at the Federal Fund for Social Development. “But in no case should you not drink coffee and strong tea on an empty stomach. ”

6. Quit smoking at last. If you do not act terrible pictures depicting the lungs of a smoker, just imagine what you can do for 6-7,5 years of life. That’s how much, according to scientists from the University of Cambridge, will receive as compensation for women, strung up with a bad habit at the age of 35 years. The earlier you say goodbye, the more tempting the bonus.

7. Forget about fat. Despite the lawsuits against Western leaders of fast food, the duo of the hamburger and cola continues to delight the taste buds of many. Dietitian Olga Poznyak still suggests limiting the consumption of too salty, sharp, fatty and fried foods, even if you are perfectly healthy. Sauces with artificial additives, confectionery with a bunch of sugar and carbonated drinks can also be added to this list. “The use of fast food leads to the progression of obesity. And obesity is the development of diabetes mellitus and a shortening of life for at least 10 years, “Diane Kim scares lovers of zhirnenkogo.

8. Watch the comedy. Ask the boss not to scold you for reading anecdotes in the workplace. Faced with something funny and heartily laughing, you thereby reduce the production of stress hormones, which we already have in abundance. Laughter really prolongs life, even for those who are seriously ill, – the Norwegian scientists assure after the conducted research.

9. Do the gymnastics. Well, at least a few exercises, most importantly – regularly. “Let it be for the beginning only 5-10 minutes, but an obligatory condition – every day. Even small efforts to increase daily physical activity have a positive effect on overall health, “says Olga Poznyak. And with it agree well-known scientists from Cambridge University – they believe that even the most modest daily exercise will add at least 3 years.

10. Strain the brain. Instead of hanging in “Classmates”, stir your brain with all sorts of intellectual tricks – play chess, solve the crossword puzzle, strain and solve the puzzle, gather the puzzle with the child, at last. Regular exercises for the brain, according to experts, reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by about a third.

11. Swimming pool instead of dumbbells. Ideally, before you shake your body on a trip to the fitness club, it’s worth visiting a doctor. However, the overwhelming majority does not burden themselves with an additional procedure, but briskly steps towards the simulators. “It is better to prefer the pool, yoga, pilates. Many people do not even suspect that they are opposed to power loads – with diseases of the spine and cardiovascular system in the gym do nothing, “- said Diane Kim.

12. Chew the pineapples. And also all kinds of other fruits and vegetables, as fresh and raw as possible. Italian researchers have found that by eating one plate of raw vegetables a day, you add yourself a couple of years. Olga Poznyak recommends including in her diet fresh fruits, vegetables and berries, as well as fresh leaf greens, as they play an important role in the prevention of many diseases.

13. More sex. One of the most pleasant items. Regular sex (2-3 times a week) not only lowers blood pressure, improves sleep and even in some strange way has a positive effect on immunity, according to the British medical journal. A full sexual life will add 2-3 years, and if you are still in a happy marriage – then all 5.

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