What is the Little Ribbon/Flag Icon under a Post on Instagram?

One of the handiest features that rolled out is the ‘little ribbon’ under each post. But what exactly does it do and why is it a great feature to use? Here we’ll go over one of the features that many Instagram users use on a daily basis and explain everything that you should know about it.

Like any other major social media platform, Instagram enjoys setting trends by continuously providing new features to their users.

This way, they give their users an opportunity to get the most out of the platform and broaden the spectrum of uses.

The Bookmark Button

The ribbon under Instagram posts represents an option to save your favorite photos and create your own album on your profile.

If you’ve ever used Pinterest, then you’ll love this feature. Pinterest allows you to create your own collections of pins simply by saving them for later. This is the exact concept of the Instagram bookmark feature.

The way it works is pretty simple: when you see a post you like, simply tap on the bookmark button and you’ll add the photo to your favorites. You can do this as many times as you want and create a collection of your favorite photos.

Before this feature rolled out, users had to either screenshot the image or use a third-party app in order to save it. This button eliminates the need for that and provides a simple and convenient way of keeping all your favorite posts in one place.

There is one thing that should be said. Before you go on a bookmarking spree, keep in mind that users will be notified every time you save their post. This means that it might not be a great idea to save a photo that your ex posted months ago.

Whether this will change or not is unclear at the moment. Considering that there are people that may misuse this feature, the notifications are likely here to stay, so make sure to remember that.

Where Do the Posts Go?

Once you’ve bookmarked your photo, you can find it on your profile. Look for the same ribbon-style button and you’ll enter all of your bookmarked posts.

When you enter the bookmarks album, you’ll see all the posts that you’ve saved. You can then revisit them as many times as you want. The only way one of them could disappear is if the user that posted the photo removes it.

The main reason why this is a great feature is that you get to choose the best of the best. Most of us tend to double-tap on a bunch of photos, but we may not want to see all of them again. The bookmark feature lets you create a place for all the posts worth revisiting.

Another handy feature is being able to organize the posts you save. When you first go into the album, you’ll see all of the posts that you’ve saved. On the top right, you’ll see the ‘Collections’ tab, which lets you sort the posts based on any criteria.

This way, you have even more control over your saved posts. You can create as many albums as you want and sort the posts you save into them. To create a new collection, simply tap the ‘+’ button in the upper right corner.

After you’ve done this, give it a name. You will then be asked to select the photos from your album and copy them into the collection. This doesn’t remove the photo from the ‘All’ tab, it just copies it into the collection.

Who Sees Your Bookmarked Posts?

If you want to keep the posts you save private, you’re in luck. Even though the bookmark album button is on your profile, it’s only visible to you, as are all the posts that you’ve saved. When someone else visits your profile, they won’t be able to see the bookmark icon like you do, so nobody else will have access to your saved photos.

This means that your posts are secured and kept away from prying eyes. As long as nobody has your Instagram login data, only you can see them.

How to Remove a Post?

If you no longer want to have a post in your private album, there’s an easy way to remove it. First, go to your bookmarked photos. Then find the one that you want to remove. Open it and then just tap on the bookmark icon until it’s transparent.

This will remove the bookmark and it will no longer appear in your album or the collections.

The Final Word

So now that you know what the little ribbon under Instagram posts represents, go ahead and create an album of your favorite photos. Make sure not to overdo it with one profile, though, and avoid spamming the user with a whole bunch of notifications.

Since it was released, this feature has been loved by many users. If you haven’t used it before, there’s a good chance that it will become a part of your daily Instagram routine. It’s a very helpful feature that allows you to remember all of your favorite moments from Instagram.

As we said before, Instagram surprises its users with new features pretty frequently. Some of them are minor, while some of them change the way we use Instagram. So keep enjoying this handy addition until we see the next thing that Instagram has in store for us.

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