May 19, 2024

What Is Sophie Doing Now?

The Holiday is arguably definitely one the most iconic Christmas movies of all time. In fact, the festive season isn’t worth enduring without at least one viewing of it and now that we are well into December, we may have watched it more than once.

While stars like Jude Law and Cameron Diaz are still dominating Hollywood, one of the movie’s key characters is leading a far simpler life than we expected.

Miffy Englefield, who played Jude Law’s daughter Sophie in the hit movie, has been laying pretty low over the past 14 years and while we still think of her as a child, she actually welcomed a child of her own two years ago.

So what else has she been up to since starring in one of the most iconic Christmas films ever?

The 23-year-old has thousands of followers on TikTok, where she gives insights into her life in West Sussex, with her partner, drummer Alex Whivley-Conway, and their daughter Frankie.

Most recently she took to TikTok to call out some of the ‘gross’ comments she still gets from grown men about her younger self in the Christmas movie.

Filming herself in a video soundtracked by Fran Sinatra’s Let It Snow, Miffy wrote in the text: “When gross old men say things like ‘I’m so glad you’re still as cute as you were on The Holiday’ to me. ”

Disgusting, we know!

She also expressed her frustration in the caption, writing: “Relating how I looked as a child to how I look as a grown as$ woman makes me all kinds of creeped out idk ”

Creepy is an understatement!

Back in 2020, Miffy shared the birth of her first baby on Instagram and revealed how she was fighting a «pretty nasty infection» at the time of her daughter Frankie’s arrival.

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