February 21, 2024

What Is It, What Are The Symptoms And What Is The Treatment?

It’s World Mental Health day and also whilst the emphasis is usually on mental health problems such as depression and also anxiety, we intend to beam a light on the lesser-known ones, as well.

One such instance of this is high functioning anxiousness — a problem where victims show up organised, in control and prospering, always perfectly presented, on time as well as upbeat on the outside while concurrently having a hard time on the inside, afflicted with anxious thoughts and spiralling concerns and also sensation entirely incapable to cope.

Clinically speaking, high operating anxiousness not formally identified as being its very own mental health and wellness problem.

Basically, it’s anxiety, yet the victim is able to preserve the impression that they are working well and mentally healthy, which could look like excelling at work, being an attentive buddy or keeping a Pinterest-perfect house.

Simply put, they can conceal their anxiety symptoms so well that they appear to be unaffected.

«When a person provides as capable, functioning and also even excelling (such as in job, social, family members or instructional settings), yet are really concealing and internalising the reality they are experiencing all the chronic and debilitating signs and symptoms of stress and anxiety problems, including worry, putting in jeopardy ruin feeling, over stressing, hyper-vigilance and also importantly the physical reactions such as high heart price and high blood pressure, sleeplessness, gastro-intestinal issues (including diarrhoea, queasiness as well as adjustments in hunger),» Dee Johnson, a certified Priory therapist tells GLAMOUR.

According to mental wellness charity

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