What if women’s sicknesses are taken by surprise? Supermodern method of gynecological operations!

The most important woman’s secret is how to remain a woman for many years in every sense of the word. Not only attractive, modern and interesting, but also healthy. But it is more important and most difficult to preserve exactly “women’s health”.

If you could not save it for life and the disease did happen, doctors of the Center for New Medical Technologies in the Academgorodok and their truly unique and even exclusive methods of gynecological operations will always help. Supermodern – no incisions – no problem!

With the modern rhythm of life, when a woman tries to make a career at the same time, arrange a personal life, be fashionable and beautiful, she simply does not have time for health. It hurt in the lower abdomen, the cycle was broken – it does not seem a problem. It is much more important to pass the report or go to the club. But the disease “by the female part” can result in anything: a cold, a violation in the diet, any infection. Not to mention such dangerous things as, for example, abortions. And all this in the life of a modern woman is more than enough. It would seem – that serious, with all happens, but even ordinary erosion can lead to serious consequences, down to cancer.

That’s how the students, and the business women, and the young mothers-housewives start their health, and then, when they miss it, it’s too late to drink the grass and put on candles … There remains only one way – surgery.

This is where the most important question arises: which clinic to lie in, which doctor to trust. After all, on the way before the operation lies many fears. And the biggest of them: however it gets worse. After all, what is the operation like in our view: huge incisions, terrible instruments, months in the hospital … But, fortunately, now it’s all in the past, because in the arena of the most modern clinics – endoscopic operations!

The endoscopic method is a very modern and safest way of treating female diseases. This is an operation in which only three incisions of 0.5-1.0 cm long are made, almost not noticeable on the skin.

In addition, recovery after such treatment takes only a week, which is very convenient for women, whose work does not allow them to leave the workplace for a long time. Agree, this is not so terrible. There are no eternal scars, and in the hospital you do not have to lie back.

But this is not the most modern way! For the most demanding clients, Novosibirsk doctors recently prepared another service. According to unofficial data, this is a favorite method of restoring the health of Hollywood stars.

This summer, in the surgical department of the Center for New Medical Technologies in Akademgorodok (CNMT), one of the first operations in Russia was conducted using a completely new technique called NOTES (Natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery). This state-of-the-art technology is that doctors penetrate the patient’s body not through a cutaneous incision, as in a routine operation, but through small punctures in hollow organs, that is, through natural openings, where the seams subsequently dissolve quickly. All manipulations with this type of treatment are performed using a flexible long endoscope. The Center for New Medical Technologies in Akademgorodok is the only clinic in Russia with such equipment. Doctors of the Center have undergone special training in this technique in European clinics.

“The NOTES technique is used for any gynecological operations. Contraindications to such operations are few, for example, pronounced adhesions. But, of course, each case is considered individually. The main advantage of such operations is that only one puncture is done – it is much less painful and traumatic. The incision heals well, respectively, and recovery after surgery is faster. Patients leave the clinic the next day. The additional equipment available in the clinic, such as an ultrasound scalpel, allows to speed up the operation and reduce organ damage. For many women, cosmetic effects are also very important. With the NOTES technique, the puncture is not done on the skin, but inside the hollow organ, on the mucous membrane, so that there are no post-operative scarring at all, – says the head of the reproductive health department of CNMT gynecologist of the highest category, Ph.D. Sergei Kurganov.

So, thanks to modern technologies, it’s easier to keep one’s health. And, importantly, in the Center for New Medical Technologies in Akademgorodok you can make the necessary operation and at the same time not stay in the hospital for a long time. Modern medicine is meeting modern women. So there is no need to be afraid of the operating table!

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