What for Siberians mink coat and how to choose it, so as not to regret it

“Disputes about the legitimacy of leather shoes, clothes and furs are amazing in a world where people eat animals. In the north, the hunters survive, killing animals that otherwise would have killed them themselves, “said the famous fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, for which he received another headache from the” greens.

“Despite periodic attacks, famous fashion houses continue to dress up their models in real fur. Looking at the Siberians making their way through the snowdrifts, one can assume that many will support Lagerfeld – the number of women in fur coats has increased dramatically in recent years.

The mink is very popular – according to a survey conducted at SHE, more than 50% of our readers would like to buy a mink fur coat! The fact that the mink is so fond of and what to look for when choosing a fur coat, the SHE correspondent learned.

Heat with status

We will send questions of ethics beyond the brackets and turn to practice. In practice, a woman in a mink fur coat can be found everywhere – a particular annoyance, judging by the discussion on the forums, for some reason causes mink wearers in public transport. “On the one hand, a mink coat is a must,” says stylist Elena Vayman. – In our climatic conditions, the practicality of mink as a fur for durability and wear can not be denied.

And on the other hand, this moment of prestige, unfortunately, is not always appropriate. You need to have a fur coat, but you do not have to go to the market in it. We have a fur coat everywhere. ” According to Ms. Vayman, the relative availability played a cruel joke with the mink – she certainly did not become a bad form, but she desperately wants to:

“I do not know why this has become our defining party. It was a trend, and now just a wave. If you do not have a mink – then life has failed! “. 

Darya Pechonkina, consultant of the store “Minus 30”, agrees that the mink is chosen not only and not because of the desire to warm up: “The mink is not the warmest fur and not the most weary. If it is a question of warmth, it is a raccoon or a beaver, and on a weariness on the first place the otter. Buying a mink, we still show our status. In winter, there are not so many options to express, so we choose a model that reflects our individuality, taste and wealth. Mink – the material is plastic, it allows you to make yourself something more interesting than, for example, a beaver. ”

If you have never bought a mink coat before, you may have a number of questions.

1. China or Scandinavia?

According to experts, the price of a mink fur coat largely depends on the quality of fur and a trade mark – the length of the fur coat, its color, the specific nature of the fur treatment and the features of the style are already secondary. Disregard for the Chinese mink is primarily due to the poor quality of fur. “There are well-known fur auctions – such as American Legend, Nafa Kopenhagen Fur.

The best furs get there, everyone else gets to other auctions or does not pass at all. As a rule, the Chinese mink does not pass the auction, “- says Natalia Udova, director of the store” Snow Queen “. “The Chinese mink does not meet the requirements – it is different both in terms of wear and appearance,” explains Daria Pechonkina. “She has a very long awn, this is very noticeable, and the underarm is very thin, it’s easy to see the skin.”

2. A store or a market? 

Often the place of purchase of a mink fur coat excites those who want to touch luxury much less than the fact of owning it. The view that you can buy the same on the flea market as in the expensive fur salon, but three times cheaper, is no less absurd than the version about the purchase of the D G shirt for 300 rubles.

“In very rare cases, you can buy a good mink in the clothing market, if only you understand the fur. But most likely there will be a Chinese mink, “

Daria Pechenkina suggested cautiously. “If you want an exclusive – by style, by silhouette, in the clothing market it is difficult to find. Silhouettes there a little, but the quality is normal, “- soothes lovers of classics Elena Vayman.

The mink deserves special mention with the desired label Blackglama (it has nothing to do with the lama), which, according to ignorance, is often attributed to any black coat. Blackglama is produced in North America, it has a natural black color, short coarse hair and a thick podpushyu. To distinguish the real Blackglama from counterfeiting will help brand labels and passports. If in doubt, you can verify the authenticity of the product by serial number on the company’s website.

3. Plates or dissolution?

In the first case, the plates are stitched together (this can be seen at the joints, which often confuse when buying), and in the second the skins are cut into narrow strips, and then sewed-as a result, a large fabric is obtained from which, as from a fabric, elements are cut out fur coats. “From the plates, as a rule, straight models are sewn. To make models fit or flared, we need tucks – they are sewn into the dissolution, “says Darya Pechonkina, assuring that on any coat of plates, dissolution to some extent is present. “It’s easier to make a complex silhouette out of the dissolution,” agrees Elena Vaiman, “there is more opportunity to get the most complete canvas. This coat is softer, more plastic and less prone to deformation. ”

4. To pick or cut?

Modern technologies sometimes bring the product to an unrecognizable state of a teddy bear, whose origin can be difficult to understand.

“A scraped mink is often given a cropped rabbit, they are difficult to distinguish even with close examination,” tells Daria Pechenkina, recalling that the minked mink is less nosy and colder than her natural and sheared brethren. Semimircled mink is easier to define – it retains a short awn, protecting the underarm, because of this coat is warmer and worn better. “Semitrizhku” is often recommended to owners of cars.

5. What to look for when buying? 

To avoid meeting with the “Mexican carcass” and make sure that before you a quality fur, look at the wrong side.

Interrogated representatives of shops assured that if you are tormented by doubts when buying and want to turn the lining off (in the case if it is sewn down), you will be allowed to do it.

• “The inside should not be stretched, soft – doubt and release, it should be smoothed out, there should not be any creases – they talk about the bad workmanship”, – says Natalia Udova.
• Unequivocally bad sign – if the fur coat crunches like parchment. This happens with parched skins – they can tear with tension.
• The right color for the wrong side is ivory, in no way yellow. “If the fur coat is dyed – from the inside it will be seen. It happens that stain large seams, this is normal, “- says Daria Pechyonkina.
• The outside also has its own requirements. “The higher the podpushkas, the better the quality,” continues Natalya Udova. “If the awn sticks hard, it’s not very good.”

And most importantly – bypass the side of sellers who cover their goods with signs “Do not touch your hands.” They usually have something to hide.

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