July 18, 2024

What do women desire

Many young ladies, regardless of age, continue to wait for them to be surprised by men. An unusual act, beautiful courtship or even some pretty nonsense. Men in debt do not remain – surprise.

However, after a successfully completed evening, many people prefer to retire. Considering their considerable number, “men-who-need-only-sex” began to unite in the community of the so-called pick-up artists, in order to comprehend the basics and wisdom of the science of seduction. About what pikapery represent and how to recognize them, the correspondent of SHE has learned from psychologists and the seducers themselves.

Experienced seducers use monotonous impact technologies, but girls like it

Help:Pick up (English pick up – time to pick up) – in the narrow sense of familiarity with the purpose of seduction. A set of methods, observations, views, developed on the basis of an empirical approach to seduction. (Wikipedia)

More and more

Like any other community, pikapery have their own rules – in this case they are about attracting and seducing girls. Recommendations are described in such detail that, apparently, they are designed for those who have never met girls and do not suspect the existence of books on psychology. “Similar communities exist around the world, and the current is at least 50 years old, its roots go back to the 70s, drawing strength from the philosophy of the hippies.

The main goal is to enter into sexual relations with as many people as possible, without burdening themselves with long courtships and communication as such, “says Krasnoyarsk psychologist Anna Sorokoumova, the center of” Synthesis Market Hall “, about pickups.

“Men engaged in a pick-up truck are mature enough physically and financially, but from the psychological point of view they are absolutely infantile people,continues Anna Sorokoumova, “unable to have a long, responsible and mature relationship with the opposite sex. ”Thanks to seduction they get moral satisfaction, confirmation of their masculinity, consistency, attractiveness for the opposite sex.

As explained by the psychologist Alain Sagadeeva, founder of the Institute of Counseling, men who are engaged in a pickup, have once received a trauma of conviction related to sexuality. People who survive such trauma live in two ways: some suffer impotence, lack of sexual ties, others, having the same low self-esteem in this area, issue a protest reaction.

In addition, the psychologist continues, if self-esteem is outsourced – when a person waits for others to appreciate him – he must prove his worth: “Men usually engage in some kind of activity in order to restore self-esteem. Pikapery choose as an activity the theme of sexuality. And the choice itself says that it is in this sphere that all interests are concentrated. ”

We put experiments

According to Egor Sheremetyev, the pick-up trainer of the school “Kings of the World”, young people aged 22 to 28 years old are rushing to learn all the secrets of seduction, although there are also mature men (even the deputies, Yegor admitted, not without pride). The trainings promise not only to teach special “fishechkam” (hypnotic techniques and ways of falling in love and holding the girl), but also guarantee personal growth.

“The mistake of most guys is that they start relationships with girls who turned up accidentally,” complains the pickup coach. – Initially, the guy does not have the image of the girl with whom he will be cool. The main thing we teach is to look for the girls with whom the guys will have everything the way they want. We teach to do only what the girl at the moment allows. And do not be stupid – the guys miss the opportunity to move to a new stage of seduction. ”

Nevertheless, in order to find their only, the exercises given by the guru on seduction, will have to work on the “experimental material” – on the same girls.

And although modern pick-up trainings, just like vegetable suppliers, guarantee “environmental friendliness” (in this case it means that the girl will not have unpleasant impressions), the very fact that your communication with a man is like the chatter of a laboratory assistant with an experimental rat, to put it mildly, is unpleasant.

Girls like

In the pick-up of the pickup truck, despite the abundance of painted dialogues and behavior in unforeseen situations, moral issues are not touched upon as unnecessary, but polygamousness of men is perceived as an indisputable fact. “The desire for a harem is described by numerous authors and is firmly fixed for men, it is explained by the polygamous nature of men.

However, these authors forget that representatives of the same species (and men and women belong to the same species) have the same characteristics, – recalls Anna Sorokoumova. – The roots of this phenomenon, of course, lie very deep, even in those times when a man was a hunter and conqueror – but this is also immoral, as in the process of evolution a person acquired moral skills, learned to be responsible, caring for his relatives. In the 21st century, a third of men even in their thoughts do not admit treason to one woman,

Yegor Sheremetyev agrees with the immorality of the pickup idea, but … this world is so arranged – “girls prefer bad guys”. “The girls choose strong, active guys, males that can spit on morality,” he says, citing the monkey female as an example, which will change to his male as soon as a stronger male appears on the horizon. – From this male a genetically successful offspring will be born. Therefore, let the psychologists believe that it is immoral, but if you understand, the seducers do only what the girls like. ”

How to recognize?

According to psychologists, there are practically no specific signs for pick-ups – they, like spies, penetrate into the enemy’s rear and are encrypted. “Lies pikapery inspired, fall into the” delight of cheating “, that is, at this moment they are under the hypnosis of their deception, so they look convincing,” – said Anna Sorokoumova. The pickup trainer confirmed the words of the psychologist and gave one of the ways how to find the pickup:

” Of course, we teach the guys to tell stories on their own behalf, to experience them, to be an interesting storyteller. Because the best liar is one who believes in his own lies. But this is not easy for everyone, and many take these stories from the Internet. Girls can read them on any pickup resource. ”

If a man does not poison bikes, but you still have suspicions, you can directly ask him about the purpose of your acquaintance. “If a person says that he wants to communicate, then any shade of shifting attention from communication to the side of the bed gives the right to think that it can be a pick-up,” says Alain Sagadeeva.

If you do not want to be in the arms of a pickup, it’s worth looking at yourself. Remember the stories with gypsies – not all are hooked and give the most expensive. “Naivety,” fabulous “thinking, faith in princes, expectation that overnight a man can not only love you, but also dedicate his life to you, serve the rest of his life – excellent conditions for the prosperity of” storytellers “, warns Anna Sorokoumova.

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