May 25, 2024

What beauty means criticized on the Internet?

20 unsuccessful means of youtube channels and Instagram accounts beauty bloggers!

Liquid sculptor Hollywood Contour Wand, Charlotte Tilbury

Great concept creamy contouring. I even like the color, although not all will appreciate it. But the sculptor is very heterogeneous texture, so it does not work on the skin. View any video Charlotte Tilberry where the tool is always unevenly applied, and then fades behind the scenes.

The same effect can be seen in all the blogger video.

Жидкий скульптор Hollywood Contour Wand, Charlotte Tilbury

Base, highlighter Strobe Liquid Highlighter Iridescent shade, Maybelline New York Gigi Hadid x

База-хайлайтер Liquid Strobe Highlighter, оттенок Iridescent, Maybelline New York x Gigi Hadid

I love Maybelline and sisters Hadid, but the cream is not appreciated. Shimmer in the composition is great, a pinkish-peach, not very large, but he was “involved” in a silicone primer, and because of this unevenly applied. Say despite my lifelong love for Maybelline New York for their cool-ink and much more. But this tool failed. After drying, it emphasizes the wrinkles and irregularities, though, on the contrary, supposed to make skin smooth and makeup – it’s nice.

Gel eyeliner Lasting Gel Eyeliner, Kiko

Гелевая подводка Lasting Gel Eyeliner, Kiko

Kiko is a great seasonal collection, but with this gel liner can handle only girls with a huge experience in drawing arrows, and open the “sculptural” eyes. 90% of the people will dry on the brush before you move it to the eyelid. So fast and uncomfortable drying eyeliner I’ve ever met.

Pencils-the Kill Cover Pro concealer pencil, Clio

Карандаши-консилеры Kill Cover Pro pencil, Clio

The most useless beige pencils on the planet. Good concept (looking down the lining, you want to disguise minor flaws), but hideous execution. Weak paint, shades of the still, the tools few, and the stylus is very hard.

Ink Indecent Exposure Mascara, Smashbox

Тушь Indecent Exposure Mascara, Smashbox

In the collection of Exposure like almost all tools, but on my lashes, this mascara absolutely does not hold. She has a very beautiful design, but the tool creates the effect of “Panda” in all circumstances and regardless of the makeup. If you can wear it (I envy you), tell us about it.

Shake The Mascara Volume Mascara, Rimmel London

Тушь Volume Shake Mascara, Rimmel London

Used the mascara several times, leaving a watery finish on the lashes. That is just stained them, and you see in the mirror a lot of thin “needles”. Even for a natural makeup this is not enough. Despite the fact that the mascara has a nice packaging, and I gave her several chances, the result – no it’s not. I love it when the lashes a lot and they’re lush.

Liquid liner NYX

Жидкие лайнеры NYX

These liner much crack. You can only use them on the eyelids without wrinkles. Especially unbearable behaves white liner.

You can make up, to make a photo in Instagram, and all hoses cracks, looks messy. The only option: to put them on top of the black arrows that there was no signs of cracks. In fairness, red and blue colours behave a little better.

Set for contouring Crème Contour and Highlight Kit, KKW Beauty

Набор для контуринга Crème Contour and Highlight Kit, KKW Beauty

Means for contouring, which is inside, good. It is very subtly shaded, but to dial it in better hands, and not to draw stripes on my face.

But in General to stick the texture is very soft. It would be better “Queen contouring” released a more classic palette – it would be much better! And the weight of each stick – 0. 9 g! And the brush set is just terrible.

Liquid Glow Highlighter, Anastasia Beverly Hills

Хайлайтер Liquid Glow, Anastasia Beverly Hills

My copy is in the shade Perla. This tool does nothing at all! It is absolutely not visible on the face, like you’ve applied moisturizer. Retro-reflection from the word “quite”.

Hyaluronate powder Hyaluronic Hydra Powder, By Terry

Гиалуроновая пудра Hyaluronic Hydra Powder, By Terry

I tried it once and never want to. It gives a very large glare on photos and videos. Roughly speaking, in the famous pictures of the stars with white stripes on the face.

Foundation #FauxFilter Foundation Huda Beauty

Тональная основа #FauxFilter Foundation, Huda Beauty

Smells the most severe – a heavy Oriental fragrance. Despite the fact that I love peppery scents. But in this case, Hello from the 40’s. the Packaging looks very cheap, you can not say about the price of the product. I would have forgiven him these shortcomings, if the tone worked. But on the skin it looks bad: very viscous and creates some sort of plaster mask. And after 15 minutes the mask begins to hide all wrinkles.

White Safari By Natasha Denona

Палетка Safari, Natasha Denona

This palette contradictory to me in color and application. I’m not a super fan of these colors. The first thing that caught my eye – all the shades of dusty (in each lot of white pigment). Typically, such facilities do not shade. On Swatch you can see that the shadows are very good pigmentation.

Eyebrow powder Make Me Brow Eyebrow Powder, Essence

Пудра для бровей Make Me Brow Eyebrow Powder, Essence

This tool will not handle even a makeup artist. First, it need long and slow to open, otherwise it will begin to crumble. Secondly, it’s a very powerful brush strokes, the hue is saturated, and the powder is distributed around the eyebrow – and then have all that long to clean up and feather. Not know for whom it was created.

Lipstick Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour, M. A. C

Помада Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour, M. A. C

I used the tool in the shade of High Drama. When I saw it, I thought that this lipstick would be great to create autumn images. But in fact it turned out that the lipstick stays on the lips (no matter how many layers you applied. ) To achieve a uniform coating, the layers need 10! But then you just can’t erase – the lies on the lips peel.

Lipstick Millebaci, Nouba

Помада Millebaci, Nouba

Now lipstick Nouba is absolutely not the funds that we used when red hues burst into our everyday life. To gently apply, you should still try (at least 2-3 layers). But the most uncomfortable is the sock. When you begin to eat or drink (even through a straw), in the Central part of the lips, the lipstick slips and literally falls off. You start to fix it but nothing helps – the tool still rolls. To wash it is also extremely difficult.

Mascara Sport Addicted, Pupa

Тушь для ресниц Sport Addicted, Pupa

That should make the ink to fall into the category of beauty disappointment? She asked herself and thought about his question, because very long time no one of the novelties of this category didn’t upset me.

The line PUPA Sport Addicted on how girls look good during (and after) the sport itself is not bad, but the ink they have failed from the word altogether. Very dry, hard, with a huge barbed brush, while quickly slipping in clumps on the eyelashes. The result is a terrible and sticky something. No, this “beauty” I’m even in the gym don’t want to contemplate!

Dry shampoo from Gliss, SYOSS

Сухой шампунь Volume Lift, SYOSS

Hard to say what’s wrong with a dry shampoo that just does nothing. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Zero effect. No volume or clean hair – n-I-b-e-g-O.

On the one hand, in his lifetime a blogger, I’ve tried many dry shampoos, and believe me: “no”, the effect is much better than when your hair hang down tow, because another new you they simply glued. On the other hand, it is clearly not in the cheapness of this global frustration (because someone probably thought I was beauty-snob): I know a lot of dry shampoos from the mass market, which do not allow myself such, but rather doing their job for a full 5+.

In General, it was – still don’t know. I think of spray with normal water even more effective than this thing.

Line of hair the “Power and recovery”, HEYA Luxury

Линия для волос «Питание и восстановление», HEYA Luxury

When you start another howl on the theme “We’re all going to die from shampoos with silicones and parabens in the” I think personally, I would die from the pseudo-natural shampoo that doesn’t foam, clean the scalp and generally just wasted space in the bathroom is.

Here is the line from HEYA Luxury caused such emotions. What’s in her makeup? A cocktail of nine algae, a complex of 11 amino acids, wheat protein, essential oil of neroli and lemon, the seed extract of bucenice, bifunktionalno peptide carob extract cistozira, D-Panthenol… From promises – for more nutrition and moisture to hair, increasing strength, color retention in dyed and highlighted hair, and even the improvement of their structure!

What is the result? Yes, in General, and nothing. So many words, but in reality – zero. The shampoo and conditioner from this line did not leave almost no impression. Thank you foam at least. But that’s all. Expected more, to be honest.

It might be worth another line to try?

Perfume World, Kenzo

Парфюмерная вода World, Kenzo

One of the biggest perfume launches of the end of last year left no one indifferent. In the Internet and outbreak of battle “for” and “against”: “original sound” VS “banal simplicity of composition,” and “fresh idea” VS “how is it possible to wear”. However, the militant solidarity of the party with something still was: the advertising campaign of the fragrance was a success.

I personally Kenzo World, “not stopped” from the word altogether. It is extremely poorly “sitting” on the skin, quickly turns into a soap unpleasant substance. Or fall, or winter, I couldn’t find it at least something, for what could be his to love and at least sometimes to wear. I’m madly in love it notes of peony and sweet red berries, but how incredible they are to the end of the day turn into stifling the cloud is a mystery to me.

Scented candle Relax, Clarins

Another fragrant disappointment. To my great regret, actually, because I just love candles – ready to buy them on an industrial scale every day to light something new.

Ароматизированная свеча Relax, Clarins

As you might guess from the name, the smell of candles Clarins Relax largely identical to their eponymous oil Relax. If you like it – as they say, welcome. So, the candle, too, will find a place in your heart. Ideally, it should be soothe, relax, calm… composed of noted pure essential oils of geranium, chamomile, Basil and orange.

Sounds beautifully. And even pleasant. But personally, I literally have a headache from this candle: about any relaxation and speech can not be. I’m not against bright and tasty flavors, but this smell I have naturally annoying “ringing” in the head. Too loud, too unpleasant.

Fully admit that this is my personal story of rejection, so before buying I recommend how to find a scent in advance.

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