March 4, 2024

What are ‘strawberry legs’ and how do you treat them?

Ever discovered little dark places on your legs after cutting, where your hairs used to be? Opportunities are, you have strawberry legs (in addition to the various other 170 million peeps that saw the hashtag #strawberrylegs on TikTok).

The condition, which was nicknamed as a result of its resemblance to the fruit, is actually exceptionally typical. The dots are natural (and if you ask us, lovable), however, while they’re painful or not unsafe, some people don’t like the means they look.

TikTok content This material can additionally be viewed on the site it comes from from. But, exactly what is it, why does it take place as well as exactly how do you treat it? We asked wax specialist and also: Sugar Coated founder Rosie»Khandwala for whatever you need to understand about the»teensy skin dots. What are strawberry legs?

Hyperpigmentation Strawberry legs are hyperpigmented dots that show up at the site of a hair follicle. While they prevail after cutting, they can likewise be caused by a range of factors, consisting of stopped up or enlarged pores, or an accumulate of dead skin cells. Folliculitis Strawberry legs can also be a symptom of folliculitis, which is a common infection of the hair follicles that creates places and a breakout, in addition to keratosis pilaris, which is a build up of keratin in the pores that’s additionally referred to as ‘hen skin’as it can likewise appear like goosebumps or plucked poultry skin.

What triggers strawberry legs?

According to Rosie, there are a number of reasons why strawberry legs take place. » One of the primary reasons is clogged up pores as a result of a build up of oil, dead skin and also sometimes caught hairs,»she claims. «Neglecting skin after shaving or depilation and also not restoring dampness is one more common reason. «Other much less common capacity triggers could be a fungal infection, which will certainly

continue even if your shaving practices change. If you assume this is the case, book in to see your doctor as you might need a prescription lotion. Exactly how do you treat strawberry legs? Exfoliate In the majority of situations, dealing with strawberry legs need to be reasonably simple and also budget-friendly. «I’ve discovered the best method of treating the problem is with a simple to make home remedy using fresh yoghurt, which works as a natural cleanser, combined with honey, ground as well as oat meal coffee, which all serve as a gentle yet reliable exfoliator,» suggests Rosie. «Regularly exfoliating the

skin is the best first port of phone call when it concerns treatment, along with maintaining the skin moisturised and soft. «Consider acne treatments Use any product which has salicylic acid if the problem persists or glycolic acid. These are frequently located in items formulated to deal with acne, yet supply a little more powerful chemical peeling and sebum control. One product that’s exploding on TikTok for aiding? Cerave’s SA Smoothing Cream with Salicylic Acid. How do you prevent strawberry legs from returning?

Once you’ve treated your strawberry legs, you’ll most likely wish to make certain the problem doesn’t return, in which situation, you may intend to reconsider your hairelimination routine. «If you’re vulnerable to strawberry legs, attempt not to swap and also shave to various other approaches of hair removal,»recommends Rosie. «Hot wax and also sugar wax assists as it will open up the pores when a warm product is used and likewise gets rid of hair from the origins. Expert laser hair removal treatment can aid to decrease the hair development. «

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