May 18, 2024

What actually shows on YouTube?

Withhow many e-mails from brands comes to bloggers every week, whom they give to funds that are not used, indicate if funds are sent for advertisement, in which case say no to the brand and often do lie about the quality – Lissa Awami @aveme_lissa successful blogger, after life, which ensures more than one million subscribers and representatives of big brands openly talked about BeautyHack blogerska craft and that behind the scenes.

As bloggers choose tools which make makeup?

I held the beauty-blogger a huge amount of makeup. I come mailing new products and bestsellers 8-10 times a week. I love to try new things, and the list of “favorites” often change.

On my channel show the makeup that looks the most “videogenie” that is easy to apply and that can become a godsend for my subscribers. I love my audience and I will not recommend something that is not like itself.

Как блогеры выбирают средства, с которыми делают макияж?

Today I can paint the means of luxury, and tomorrow try great brand at an affordable price – and will gladly recommend it. All just suggest what I use myself.

What about the funds that are sent for advertising?

Tools that come in the newsletter on a nonprofit basis, is a gift from the brand. Like a gift from a friend, and not taxed for advertising on the conditions of barter.

Как блогеры выбирают средства, с которыми делают макияж?

The brand’s team, sending a gift, well aware that not all tools can like it or go to blogger (so often we show the distribution in Instagram Stories). But a good blogger I’ll try the tools that he received, and what I liked the most starts flickering in the blog.

Those funds that did not fit, we give to friends and family.

How to choose a theme for the video?

Love to shoot a video on the beauty theme, show decorative cosmetics and care. Like to please people, to give them a piece of good mood, so they often choose entertainment formats: beat the trends and challenges.

The main thing in photography trends and popular topics is not to lose yourself and your style. Trends will look until you get bored: you can watch 10-20 videos of different bloggers. But if the video is scripted, people just forget about this blogger and go on.

On trends very easy to do, but it is difficult to gather an audience that will love you. And love and unity with the audience – the most important thing for blogger. For the most part, the members are wonderful people who do support you. Blogger always feels and sees it, if she’s on the same wavelength with them and he with them a special bond.

How to choose the advertisement to show the audience and what is not?

Successful bloggers hire a Manager who interacts with the brands and selects the proposals. I do not advertise what you do not use myself, but there are exceptions. If they address me a brand that likes my friend or popular brand means where are my friends, I will cooperate.

Как выбираете рекламу – что показывать аудитории, а что нет?

Will refuse the advertising money, which can hurt people or my reputation. I do not show what is not relevant to my channel. For example, contraception and personal hygiene will not promote, even for an incredible fee.

Pre-agreeing on is, reading a text job from the brand and only then take a final decision. If you refuse, the brand can offer my vision of the advertising, or we can keep the cooperation.

If a job is all right, write a script, shoot the advertisement and send for approval. In any of these stages I and brand can stop working, but there were no such incidents, because for me as for brands, there is a team of professionals. Besides, I’m always ready to go meet brand-the team that chose my channel for the advertising agent.

Blogging is an easy work or full-time job?

Channel blogger is a reflection of himself: his upbringing, interests and Hobbies. To be a good blogger when you have in your life already have everything, and you don’t have to choose between shooting video and building personal happiness and comfort outside of the lens.

Блогерство – легкий труд или полноценная работа?

On the set takes two hours for installation – a minimum of 6 and a channel I do every day. I have no vacation even in departure always think about the blog, doing photography, think of the cover.

One of the best moments of blogista communication with the audience. I say that my followers are the best – and it’s not just words. I have all night to chat in private messages with podistica that worries her. Recently began to write a lot of thematic posts in Instagram about relationships with the opposite sex, friendship, parents ‘ communication with the audience became even more. I know what excites young girls and understand it – recently she was a teenager. With some of the subscribers friends, meet for coffee and never put yourself above them, as do many bloggers. My audience is part of my soul, it’s important to me.

And with advertisers communicates only my Manager. We have debugged scheme – everyone is doing their tasks. But at events I always approach brand managers and PR managers of companies with the words “Lissa, you did, you are great! ” I say, “You too! Let’s be friends? ”. And friends.

Often on YouTube , lying about the quality of cosmetics, doing paid reviews? How to understand what the blogger is not sincere with you?

An outright lie can not meet often responsible bloggers don’t do reviews on poor quality makeup.

Understand that the tool is of low quality, easy – to- read comments below the video and communicate themselves. “Haight” in the comments of any blogger will always be, but if every 5th comment that means really awful, is an occasion to reflect.

Another effective method is view some videos of the blogger and analyze whether there is a tool in the other video, except the infomercial. If the paid review, the blogger said that holds the best lipstick on the market, and then the vehicle disappears from all the movies – think of the opinion of this blogger with caution.

From bloggers with millions of people all the easier advertising on their channel worth a lot of money and buy it just the big brands that value their reputation. For international companies the risks are very high, so they offer to integrate bestsellers or new brands that have already proved themselves “ten out of ten” in other countries.

If the brand will make an advertising project with poor people who will buy the vehicle on the advice of a blogger, I am disappointed in the brand.

For big bloggers its image is also important – if it will be bad publicity just for the sake of the fee, it will immediately affect his reputation and future projects.

Video on Youtube about hairstyles, make-up – they really just repeat that?

There is no single answer, it all depends on the blogger. There are bloggers makeup artists, and a girl without a lot of experience in make-up will not be able to repeat the image and to do makeup as beautiful as the blogger.

I’m not a makeup artist and not a stylist – I’m a simple girl that likes to spend a lot of time on makeup and styling.

When the show subscribers the tutorial, always put yourself in their shoes – do this video that the image could repeat the girl with minimal skills in the makeup.

Sometimes run into misunderstand from the casual viewer: “How come you just showed a classic makeover? Where hands to my temples? Why is there no styling in the style of mother Stiffler? ”. But I look in one direction with my subscribers and I know that I look young girls like me. My images easily to follow even the youngest girls. They mark me on photos in social networks – watch and enjoy.

What part of the content on the popular channel paid? Should I trust paid surveys?

I don’t do paid reviews. If you do a full review of cosmetics brand, go to the store, buy new items and honestly sharing my experience.

I don’t even get those offers because I won’t praise the care which I don’t like and paid surveys to compliment everything. Even the negative points of the review are agreed in advance – you can tell that you do not like the design, the palette lacks a mirror, the powder is very active the smell – it’s all prescribed in the job.

If you see a blogger review, and he was all like, in addition to the packaging or details that do not affect the quality and properties of the funds, there is reason to doubt his honesty.

Some bloggers indicate the brands that sponsored the video. This helps to build trust with customers?

I’m not experienced with this – in my opinion, is old school. Most often subscribers watch a movie on my day off, flipping the tape Instagram, cook – your video is background. They won’t get sponsored if your video or you filmed it on a voluntary basis.

There is a category of suspicious people who see the ad where there is none. Sometimes I write comments about what I advertise, for example, figure anime characters that stand on my Desk and appear in the background. In this element of decor you can see the is is a big mystery to me. It is the same thing as walls and floors where I don’t have an accent.

There was a case – painted, holding a powder compact with mirror and looked in it, when put in funds. Those who want to see ads, I think that the video filmed for this powder – but it’s not even sold in Moscow.

The “dessert” – an honest top tools that actually work

BB-cream. Funds in this category fell in love with when friends began to ask whether on my skin tone. At first I didn’t like wet finish – it seemed that the face shines. But friends I trust – if they say it’s good, then it is. Now look at yourself in the mirror and don’t know where I saw the Shine.

Favorite BB and CC creams our editorial staff are looking for here.

Mascara Cabaret Le Chat Noir, Vivienne Sabo.

Тушь Cabaret LeChat Noir, Vivienne Sabo.

For my money it’s one of the coolest mascaras of all that I had.

Liquidlipstick Soft Matte Lip Cream Metallic, Rome, NYX.

Жидкая помада Soft Matte Metallic Lip Cream, Rome, NYX.

I love this series of lipsticks. The shade, named in honor of the capital of Italy, is the most favorite because it is always different. You can apply the lipstick in a single layer, clearly progresiva the border: get a makeover in the style of “grunge” from the 90’s. Two layers will complement the evening image of noble color. If you put a small amount on the center of lips and blend with fingertips, will get a very natural shade a little brighter own.

Cream blush Phyto-Blush Twist, Sisley.

Кремовые румяна Phyto-Blush Twist, Sisley.

I love the shade of papaya, it refreshes the image and gives the effect of leather, slightly “kissed” by the sun. Tool is one of the most pleasant in the shading thing I tried.

Falsenails Pop On Nails Oyster, Lime Crime.

Накладные ногти Pop On Nails Oyster, Lime Crime.

This is my biggest discovery and sweet love. Five minutes – perfect manicure is ready! I wear them almost half a year – one of my major discoveries in the beauty industry.

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