April 20, 2024

We’ve got the first look at Beauty Bay’s epic new Disney makeup collab

With that in mind, your dream brand collab is likely to be… let’s say… something between a beauty retailer with their fingers on the colour cosmetics pulse, and Disney themselves.

Y’know – an Alice in Wonderland / Dumbo / Jungle Book-inspired collection ofeyeshadow palettes, lip colours and cheek tints that are guaranteed to brighten your back-to-workmakeup bagand see you right the way through winter. Perhaps.

If you’re a GLAMOUR frequenter, we’d be pretty confident in assuming two things. 1) You love makeup. Live for it. Obsessed with it. Proud owner of reams of the stuff. Number two? You are – in some capacity – a Disney fan.

Funnily enough, Beauty Bay – the MUA-adored stockist of over 200 brands and 7,000 (! ) products – has teamed up with none other than Disney to release exactly that: a 12-piece collection which takes Pantone colour directly from iconic Disney classics like Alice in Wonderland, Jungle Book, Dumbo and Pinocchio and transfers them to your beauty cupboard. EPIC.

ICYMI, Disney Colour – a collection of artists from the Walt Disney Ink & Paint department – have actually spent the past 80 years creating iconic colours that bring Disney stories to life which aren’t available anywhere else. Yep: there are over 4,000 Disney colours strictly owned by Disney, and they’re an integral part of expanding the Disney visual legacy. This is the first time you can shop new beauty products that use these exact – very pretty – hues.

The best eyeshadow palettes that our beauty team have discovered from *years* of testing

Specially selected from Disney’s colour library which started in the 1930’s, all colours in this new makeup line are referenced with a name and number and are exact Pantone shades from the original films.

The exclusive release features mini eyeshadow palettes, shadow sticks as well as lip and cheek tints, bringing the colours of our beloved stories to life for the first time for Disney Colour with BEAUTY BAY. And you can shop everything from September 8. PSA: download the Beauty Bay app and you’ll get 24-hour early access from September 7. You know what to do.

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